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Friday, September 26, 2014

Fog ~ Baseball ~ Football ~ Karen Blair ~ Doctor & Medford Shopping

Good 47ยบ very foggy morning!

The Dodgers beat the SF Giants 9-1 to win the National League West Title Wednesday night! Whooooo hoooooo .... GO DODGERS!!!!

Last night the Thursday Night Football game:


Today would have been Karen Blair's birthday. She was born in 1964 and a member of our Jackson County Republican Women and Medford City Council member. Sadly she passed away this last June at the age of 50. She was a really neat gal and friend. RIP Karen, you are missed.

Medford City Council.. Karen on far left...

Historically this date...
1580 – Sir Francis Drake finishes his circumnavigation of the Earth.

1687 – The Parthenon in Athens is partially destroyed by an explosion caused by the bombing from Venetian forces led by Morosini who are besieging the Ottoman Turksstationed in Athens.
(when I was there a few years ago...

1872 – The first Shriners Temple (called Mecca) is established in New York City.
I have my Daddy's Al Malaikah fez.....

1933 – As gangster Machine Gun Kelly surrenders to the FBI, he shouts out, "Don’t shoot,G-Men!", which becomes a nickname for FBI agents.

1960 – In Chicago, the first televised debate takes place between presidential candidatesRichard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy.

1970 – The Laguna Fire starts in San Diego CountyCalifornia, burning 175,425 acres

1981 – BaseballNolan Ryan sets a Major League record by throwing his fifth no-hitter.

1997 – An earthquake strikes the Italian regions of Umbria and the Marche, causing part of the Basilica of St. Francis at Assisi to collapse.

2009 – Typhoon Ketsana hit the PhilippinesChinaVietnamCambodiaLaos andThailand, causing 700 fatalities.

And births this date include...
1895 –George Raft, American actor (d. 1980)

1914 – Jack LaLanne, American fitness and nutritional expert (d. 2011)

1926 – Julie London, American singer and actress (d. 2000) lady. sexy name.... born 'Gayle Peck'!

1942 – Kent McCord, American actor
......McCord recently (Oct 2010) retired as a Reserve Police Officer from the Los Angeles School Police Department. He had attained the rank of Lieutenant before retiring. (so la te da... so did I from LASD!)

1956 – Linda Hamilton, American actress

Yesterday I went to Medford 

for a yearly checkup with my doctor, Rachael Orozco, born in Hollister California... 
She is soooo nice. I just love her... 
She determined I'm pretty healthy!

Then to Harry and David's..

I got a couple pumpkins... some salsa, flaxseed chips, purple potatoes, salami made with red wine, cheese, pumpkin seed butter, smoked salmon fillets with lemon & dill, Harry & David Cinnamon Swirl coffee beans, H&D Moose Munch Peanut Butter Chocolate Coffee, and a couple goodies for Sami and Tucker for Halloween. Yeowsa!

Next stop was the Birkenstock store...

I got a new pair of Arizona Black:

Back to Rogue River, the pharmacy, the post office, the liquor store where I bought a bottle of 360 Vodka ... Buttered Popcorn flavor!
I had asked about it and they ordered it in. When I got there I asked the clerks if they had tried it and the had and loved it. YEP, they were right. OMGOOOOD!!!!

Home and my clean car still intact. It was washed on Tuesday when I had it serviced, tons of rain on Wednesday, and yesterday 15 minutes after I got home the rain came down for about 30 minutes! Reruns on that pizza and TV. Ahhhhh......

All I know. Nuff said. Happy TGIF. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
September 26th
National Pancake Day

'They're selling like hotcakes!' Pancakes, also known as flapjacks or griddle cakes ...or Dutch Baby, are a popular breakfast item in North America. There are even whole restaurant chains with pancake in their name (you know who I'm talkin' 'bout). When a food has its own figure of speech, you know it's worthy of an official day of recognition!