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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throw Back Thursday ~ Crown Royal Apple ~ Cream of Chicken Soup w/ Cream Cheese ~ Bruiser ~ Baked Frito Chili Pie

Good 38º foggy morning.
I doubt the sun came out in Grants Pass yesterday. The fog was still hanging around at 2pm:

But, here in Rogue River we did have some sun!


The house where I grew up on Stockbridge Avenue in Los Angeles... aka El Sereno.

 Me sitting on the porch steps... Easter 1949

Some changes... Daddy painted the steps red and after the olive trees were removed from the parkway (I loved climbing in them!) Daddy planted a macadamia nut tree in front. The roof was flat and Daddy and I would climb up there with slices of watermelon and watch the fireworks on the 4th from the park on Eastern Ave!

New owners made it a two story... still has the same front door. Door must be 60+ years old. Sad to me that these people would take an iconic Spanish Style home and change it so drastically. (Idiots)
House on the left is where Ellen (Naugle) Pantalone (Wilson W'63)  lived.
LOL from Vivia:

Historically this date...
1916 – World War IParis is first bombed by German zeppelins.1936 – The first inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame are announced.

1963 – The first inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame are announced.

2002 – In his State of the Union AddressPresident George W. Bush describes "regimes that sponsor terror" as an Axis of Evil, in which he includes IraqIran and North Korea.

And births this date include....
1880 – W. C. Fields, American actor (d. 1946)

1913 – Victor Mature, American actor (d. 1999)

1918 – John Forsythe, American actor (d. 2010)

1940 – Katharine Ross, American actress


1942 – Claudine Longet, French singer and dancer

In the summer of 1977, Claudine Longet was on trial for the death of her boyfriend and Olympian, Spider Sabich. She had been living with him in the famous ski resort town, Aspen Colorado. Spider asked Claudine and her three children to move out. On March 21, 1976, Spider returned home from skiing and took a shower. Claudine, who had been drinking white wine at a local bar, approached him in the bathroom with a .22 caliber pistol and asked him how to use it. Her story was that it accidentally fired into him. Andy Williams flew into Aspen to be by her side. Andy stayed at the home owned by John Denver. She was convicted of negligent homicide and spent thirty days in jail. Claudine never spent any jail time and asked the court if she could fly to Mexico. They allowed it. She ended up marrying her defense attorney. There are no current photos of Longet. She lives under the radar and resides in Aspen.

1945 – Tom Selleck, American actor, screenwriter and film producer

Magnum PI was the BEST! But I LOVE Blue Bloods!!! I LOVE Selleck!!!!

1954 – Oprah Winfrey, American talk show host and actress (ICK)
She and John Tesh had an affair!?

1960 – Steve Sax, American baseball player
Yesterday I saw this ad for Crown Royal Apple. OMG, that sounds like it might be really good! Gonna have to get some and try....

Was feeling a little puny yesterday so kept the eating on the down low. Thought some cream of chicken soup would be good.... I had just received via UPS some Harmony House dried green beans from I put some in a cup with boiling water and added in some of the dried mushrooms and let sit until rehydrated.

I mixed the soup with a can of chicken stock instead of water (richer flavor) and then stirred in half a tub of Philly Cream Cheese, Bacon Flavor! When smooth I stirred in the vegetables.

This was REALLY soooooooooooo good. Only problem I had was the mushrooms. They were a tad chewy. Next time I will use canned sliced mushrooms. I think the dried ones would work better in something that was cooked longer... like a pot of soup or beans or....... Crock Pot dishes would be better. BUT the dried green beans were WONDERFUL!!!

Had a fire in the wood stove. Dude napped on his couch and the Bruise laid in front of the fire and watched the TV~!

All I know. Nuff said. Have a good TBT. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
January 29th
National Corn Chip Day

National Corn Chip Day celebrates the Corn Chip. Fifty years ago, few Americans knew what Corn Chips were. Today, most American can not imagine life without this tasty, crunchy holder of salsa, cheese and (mostly) Mexican dips. Its even sprinkled atop salads, making salads even more crunchy.  
On National Corn Chip Day, enjoy eating one of your  favorite snacks. And, take our Corn Chip corn chips for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks today! I don't know about you. But, I will find that easy to do.
Did You Know? Fritos Corn Chips were first marketed in 1961.
Fritos ... from Texas! 

Layer Fritos scoops or regular Fritos, cheese, chili, more chips, and more cheese. Use canned chili or your homemade. Bake 350º for about 20-30 minutes. Out of oven top with chopped green onions and sour cream and avocado if you so desire!