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Monday, December 2, 2013

Darling ~ Georgia Sue ~ Football ~ Bacon Wrapped Turkey ~ Bigfoot


Good 53º windy rainy morning. We're in for some COLD weather this week..... possibly snow on the valley floor....


Today would have been my Darling's birthday.
I hope you are celebrating, my love! I miss you. I love you. ♥
JWM 12-2-40 ~ 2-12-07 (12-2 and 2-12 !!)
A 17 year old Marine... Brian,me,Kristen,Aaron,Jerry... Deputy Maxwell... carving with his Mom Winona 1986, a Buddy Fowler (LASD photographer) photo,and two favs.....
Gettin's some Jack  ... with his love Maggie ... Jerry Big Dave and Cliff.....

Today is also cyber friend, Georgia Sue's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girlfriend. She is "Ms. Dog Rescue"!

Football yesterday.... some good, some sad.... Good for me... good for Brian...good for Jelly Bean... good for Jeannie ... sad for the rest of you whose teams lost. DANG the Giants won!

Yesterday was my turn to cook a turkey. No leftovers when you let someone else do it! NEEDED leftover turkey! So, a Norbest turkey... and I was so unhappy ... no giblets other than the neck! WHAT ????? I was so angry I wrote the company! Received a nice note back from them. It happens. Can't always be helped. I understand. Anyway, put the neck and the "last part over the fence" in a pot of water with garlic, chives, Rosemary, and basil. Some salt and a pat of butter. Brought to boil and simmered until tender. Strained out any lumpy pieces and the neck and butt. The liquid is for the stuffing. Cut up an onion and lemon for the turkey cavity... along with some bacon. (!!)
The bacon went under the skin, around the legs, in the cavity, and latticed across the breast....

Next I filled the pan with water and put into a preheated 450º oven for 30 minutes, turned heat to 325º and tented the bird for 4 hours. Removed the tent and let cook another 30 minutes (until the button popped up!)

The broth from the turkey parts (neck and butt) was brought to a boil, stuffing mix added, remove from heat, stir, and let stand with lid on. Then I cut up mushrooms and celery, sauteéd them in butter and added to stuffing. Put stuffing in baking dish and baked til top crispy. Made roux for the gravy with butter, olive oil, and flower...stir in enough flour until thick and clumps up... then add in the cooking broth (water and drippings from cooked turkey) and cook til thick, keep warm.

This was one of the most moist and tasty turkeys I have ever cooked. The bacon added a depth and a crispiness to the skin. The stuffing, for not being homemade, was GREAT. Gravy was awesome! Cranberries perfect. OMGOOD meal!

As for the pie..... topped the sweet potato pie with cranberry sauce and cool whip! (drooling......)

Historically this date..

1927 – Following 19 years of Ford Model T production, the Ford Motor Company unveils the Ford Model A as its new automobile


1980 – Four U.S. nuns and churchwomen, Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, Jean Donovan, and Dorothy Kazel, are murdered by a death squad in El Salvador.

And births this date include..

1914 – Ray Walston, American actor (d. 2001)

1924Alexander Haig, American Soldier & Civil servant, 7th Supreme Allied Commander Europe, 5th White House Chief of Staff and 59th United States Secretary of State (d. 2010)


1981 – Britney Spears, American singer, dancer and entertainer


1983 – Aaron Rodgers, American football player

.... does good for Green Bay, made a funny State Farm commercial....and born in Chico Ca!

Yesterday I took the trash to the road for pick up and Dude had a good run. Stopped to chat with neighbor Frank and he had made a Bigfoot and wanted me to take my picture with it. He made it for his sister, who is a big fan, but was going to put it up without her knowledge at her house and see if she either laughs or screams!

All I know. Happy Monday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
December 2nd
National Fritters Day