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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pan Am ~ My Uncle's Green Tomato Pickles ~


Good 43ยบ, burrrrrrr, morning. Left the slider open again last night. Won't do that tonight!

Monday night football.... couldn't get into it. Footballed out from Sunday! Did watch Pan Am. The jury is still out on that. Sibling rivalry, hoity toity pilots, slight intrigue, white gloves, girdles! Yawn.


Then this morning I read the following... BO was speaking in Mountain View, California at a "town hall meeting"....

"Thank you, Mr. President," the man began. "I don't have a job, but that's because I've been lucky enough to live in Silicon Valley for a while and work for a small startup down the street here, that did quite well. So, I'm unemployed by choice. My question is: Would you please raise my taxes?"

The audience erupted in surprised laughter.

The man -- later identified as Edwards -- continued by offering a short list of the items that taxes fund, many of which have been central to economic development in the country: "I would like very much to have the country to continue to invest in things like Pell grants and infrastructure and job training programs that made it possible for me to get to where I am."He went on to criticize the continuation of the Bush-era tax cuts: "It kills me to see Congress not supporting the expiration of the tax cuts that have been benefiting so many of us for so long. I think that needs to change and I hope that you'll stay strong in doing that."
WTF????????? This Doug Edwards of Google has me with my jaw dropped! Good grief. Another BO supporter!!!


I had a call from Greg (Wilsonite Lundell) and asked me what I'd do with a bunch of 'not quite ripe' tomatoes. He's leaving town for 10 days and hates to see them rot. They have quit ripening on the vine. So, here's a quick and easy way to take care of that...other than freezing them and use them later to make green tomato sauce or salsa..

Uncle Lloyd's Green Tomato Pickles


Pack small firm green tomatoes, cut in half or left whole if real small, into sterilized jars. Boil jars for 10 minutes.

2 quarts of water
1 quart of white vinegar
1 cup salt

Boil for 5 minutes. To each jar add 2 T dill seed, 2 red peppers, 2 cloves (or more) garlic, then add the hot liquid, top with sterilized lids, and let sit until they self-seal. If you water bath these the tomatoes get mushy. This way they stay crunchy. I like to add a lot of garlic cloves and I don't put in dill seed, sometimes I add baby carrots too and red onion.

They take on average about an hour to seal. You will hear a pop when the lid is sucked down and seals. Store in cool dark place. Eat within a year.

Historically this date....
1854 – The steamship SS Arctic sinks with 300 people on board. This marks the first great disaster in the Atlantic Ocean.

1908 – The first production of the Ford Model T automobile was built at the Piquette Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

1954 – The nationwide debut of Tonight! (The Tonight Show) hosted by Steve Allen on NBC.

1995 – The Government of the United States unveils the first of its redesigned bank notes with the $100 bill featuring a larger portrait of Benjamin Franklin slightly off-center.

And births this date include....
1722Samuel Adams, American revolutionary leader (d. 1803)


1894 – Lothar von Richthofen German pilot (d. 1922)


1920William Conrad, American actor (d. 1994)


1920 – Jayne Meadows, American actress

1958Shaun Cassidy, American singer


..... and

today is Gary Hyman's birthday. He adopted "Mr. Big Stuff" aka 'Sideways' now. Here is Gary giving Sideways and Jaco baths...


Thanks Gary for loving that guy and adopting him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!!!!

... and my friend Patty Rodriguez is celebrating today also. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTY!!!

Here she is in prior years....

How 'cute' you were!

and with Wesley....


All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
September 27th
National Chocolate Milk Day