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Monday, September 30, 2013

Paul ~ Lovella ~ Tucker's Race Car Track ~ Sami & The Box ~ FOOTBALL

Good 52º misty rainy morning. Rained like mad last night.
More rain predicted, but doesn't look like much of a storm overhead...



We've gotten a total of 3" since Wednesday. Looks like about 3/4" last night.
Today is a special friend's birthday... Paul Allgood (LASD ret) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!
Today is my friend Lovella Moore's birthday. Lovella is past president of our JCRW. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELLA!!!

Yesterday..... took Tucker's birthday present over to him about 11am. Brian put it together and Tucker and Sami enjoyed playing...

Sami, of course, liked the box!

I came home about 12:30 and there was no power. Pacific Power said it was being worked on and should be fixed by 3:30. It came on at about 3pm. Waste of an afternoon! And because I left here early I didn't get a chance to respond to emails. Hopefully I can catch up soon.

Ok, football scores from yesterday.......

Suffice to say, I was surprised the Bills won, surprised the Steelers lost, GLAD the Giants lost, good for the Colts it makes Bri happy, really surprised Bill's Sea Chickens pulled it off and know that made him happy, sad for Suz and Phil the Bears lost, sad for Tootie and Olga the Jets lost, YEAH the Raiders lost, Peyton pulled off another one, happy for Cliff his Chargers won, and ESTATIC my Pats won!!! WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT! 4 and 0.

Historically this date....
1927Babe Ruth becomes the first baseball player to hit 60 home runs in a season.

1935 – The Hoover Dam, astride the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, is dedicated.

1947 – The World Series, featuring the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers, is televised for the first time.

1955 – Film star James Dean dies in a road accident aged 24.

1972Roberto Clemente records the 3,000th and final hit of his career.

1982Cyanide-laced Tylenol kills six people in the Chicago area. Seven are killed in all.

And births this date include....
1861William Wrigley, Jr., American industrialist (d. 1932)

1921Deborah Kerr, Scottish actress (d. 2007)

1931Angie Dickinson, American actress

1935Johnny Mathis, American singer
I could listen to him sing forever!

1971Jenna Elfman, American actress

All I know. Happy Monday. Nuff said. Ciao.
                                          xo Sue Mom Bobo
September 30th

National Mud Pack Day is today. Pile on the facial. Ladies, this is your day. Guys, you can get a mud pack facial, too. Just don't let your buddies know that you did!!
Mud packs were once the rage for facial treatments. It is still popular. But, the mud in facials has been replaced with a variety of other ingredients. It is supposed to keep the skin young, soft and supple. Does it work? Girls who use it, swear by it. Did you know? A mud pack is a quick treatment for bee stings. Use it, if needed, when you are out on a hike, or until you can get to a place to be treated for bee and wasp stings.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tucker's Party with Friends ~ RAIN! ~ Coffee Day

Good 55º rainy morning.

Yesterday afternoon was Tucker's birthday party at the Family Fun Center. I left here about 1:30 and there were a few sprinkles. Then in Rogue River it was raining a bit harder. The rain stopped and was nice the rest of the day. Lots of threatening clouds and some wind, but no rain. Here is a Smilebox of the day's events....
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Got home about 6pm. Had a message from Linda she was home safe and sound.

The rain started about 8pm and basically rained all night. And apparently it was WINDY! As several things, potted plants and birdhouses, were knocked over on the front porch! Rain still at it. So far we've gotten 1¼" !
Radar:                            Satellite:


Historically this date..
1789 – The United States Department of War first establishes a regular army with a strength of several hundred men.

1966 – The Chevrolet Camaro, originally named Panther, is introduced.

2008 – Following the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual, The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 777.68 points, the largest single-day point loss in its history.


And births this date include....
1904Greer Garson, British actress (d. 1996)
She must have shied away from public as there are no pictures of her older.

1907Gene Autry, American actor, singer, and businessman (d. 1998)

1925Steve Forrest, American actor (d. 2013)

1931 – Anita Ekberg, Swedish actress
....she was the HOT HOT HOT Swedish sex pot....whoppen????

1935 – Jerry Lee Lewis, American musician
On December 12th 1957, at age twenty-two, Jerry Lee secretly married for the third time; wedding his second cousin, thirteen-year old Myra Brown, the sister of his bass player, J.W. Brown. Though it was not an uncommon practice in the south for cousins to marry, it was considered somewhat unorthodox by much of the rest of the world. While there were no immediate repercussions in response to his marriage, the action would soon come to haunt him.

1942 – Madeline Kahn, American actress (d. 1999) sad she died so young ... she was cute and fun and funny!

1957Andrew Dice Clay, American comedian and actor
....weirdo! and ugleeeee..... ditch the glasses dude!


All I know. Happy Sunday. Going to "play" with my new camera Brian gave me. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo



Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sandy & Da Pully ~ Sunday Games ~ Jacksonville ~ Bri's New Ride

Good 51º cloudy rain pending morning. 80% chance of precip.... not good. Today is Tucker's birthday party for he and his friends at the Family Fun Park in Central Point.


Today there are two special birthdays... My high school pal from back to the 9th grade...Sandy (Todoran) Beck. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDY!!! Love you! xoxoxo

And... it's Terry Polly's birthday! Terry aka "Da Pully". LOL. He was a long time friend. He was the mechanic at Temple Station. Now living in Idaho with his bride, Cydney. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DA PULLY! xoox

Here's tomorrow's schedule... and Monday night's....

Hey Billy, how do you think your   
              will do against the TEXANS???


Yesterday Linda and I took a ride out Old Stage Road to Jacksonville. A fun town! We shopped, laughed, and had a good time.

 Stopped at the Jacksonville Inn for lunch.

Linda had the salad with lemon dressing (got the recipe!) and a honey butternut squash soup that she raved about~

I had the frittata and a salad. OMGOOOOD!!!!
Corn, black beans, green onions, creamy and nummy!

Our waiter, Micah, is a "born in Texas" and a former Marine guy. Super nice and friendly. We had fun chatting with him.

President and Mrs. Bush stayed there a few years ago in one of the Inn's cottages... this from the Mailtribune:

The coffee pot was still hot Wednesday morning in the Latourette Cottage when Jacksonville Inn owner Jerry Evans took a look at where President George Bush and his wife had just spent the night.
They were the most pleasant, accommodating, polite people, he said.
He gets up at 5:30, reading five or six newspapers, Evans said, pointing to a stack of newspapers sitting on the coffee table.
The Bushes had dinner Thursday night in the patio area behind the Jacksonville Inn, with Bush ordering the portabello mushroom filet and his wife the salmon.
The last time a sitting president stayed in Jacksonville was in 1880, when Rutherford B. Hayes spent the night at the U.S. Hotel. However, George W. Bush's father stayed at the inn when he was vice president, Evans said.
Early Friday morning, about 100 people lined the streets of Jacksonville to say goodbye to the president and first lady.
Jacksonville resident Tom Moeller got a brief glimpse of Laura Bush, who was waving behind the bullet-proof glass of the Bushes' limousine.
After a two-hour wait in the chilly morning, Moeller said, That was worth it.
His wife, Carol Moeller, held a sign that said, God bless President and Mrs. Bush.
The ride back was the back roads on Hwy 238 that comes through a lot of the winery area, lots of tasting rooms, and then out through Murphy and back to Grants Pass. The sky was beautiful and cloud formations so interesting...
Back in GP we stopped at my Brian's office, Mr. State Farm, and saw his new ride... Beautiful truck, Bri! xo

Home, wine, TV, and dinner .... which was my marinara sauce, fresh diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, can of cream of mushroom soup, fresh basil, and artichoke ravioli (Trader Joe's!).... We put on the movie "Darling Companion" with Diane Keaton (my nieces former babysitter!) and Kevin Kline. A good movie with a happy ending!
Linda left about 9 this morning on her way back home.
I have a bone to pick with the post office as I had a notice for a package... went there just after 9 to pick it up. The post office USED to be open til 11 for will call package pick up on Saturday. NOT ANY MORE! Not open on Saturdays at all! I'm writing the Post Master General, Mr. Donohoe. Stand by dude! I'm pissed! This Rogue River post office has the WORST service of any I have had to ever deal with! What do people do who work til 5 and by then the PO is closed... and no will call on Saturdays???? 
Ok, off the

Historically this date...
1928 – Sir Alexander Fleming notices a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory, discovering what later became known as penicillin.
1951CBS makes the first color televisions available for sale to the general public, but the product is discontinued less than a month later.
1971 – The Parliament of the United Kingdom passes the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 banning the medicinal use of cannabis.
1994 – The car ferry MS Estonia sinks in Baltic Sea, killing 852 people.
1996 – Former president of Afghanistan Mohammad Najibullah is tortured and brutally murdered by the Taliban.
And births this date include...
551 BCConfucius, Chinese philosopher (d. 479)
1836Thomas Crapper, English inventor (d. 1910)

1901 – Ed Sullivan, American television show host (d. 1974)

1934Brigitte Bardot, French actress

1987 – Hilary Duff, American actress and singer
All I know. Happy Saturday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
September 28th
National Good Neighbor Day
Ah, Good Neighbor Day. It's definitely a good thing. Being good neighbors is an important part of the social fiber that makes this country so great. Therefore,  it seems only fitting that one day a year honors good neighbors. This day is to truly recognize and appreciate your good neighbor. Hopefully, one of those good neighbors is you!
 and......Ask A Stupid Question Day It's your opportunity to speak up, and to ask all those questions you were afraid to ask. All those questions that you thought were too stupid or dumb to ask, have been piling up all year long. Today is the day to unload them. C'mon give it a try. Nobody will laugh......we hope. This may be a stupid question, but I will ask it anyway...... Teachers say there is no such thing as a stupid question. Or, that no question is too stupid to ask. If this is true, then why do your classmates laugh when you ask a question?  Yes, kids can be cruel. But, if you have a question, there's no better place to ask, than in the classroom. and.....Strawberry Cream Pie Day
and.....Drink Beer Day