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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bruiser ~ Linda W ~ LE Lunch ~ Chaka ~ Martin ~ Dave/Dude ~ Rosh Hashanah


Good 59ยบ, it never cooled off much, cloudy morning. Pressure dropping and the tiny possibility of rain.
Nothing on the radar

Clouds on the satellite...

Yesterday Bruiser went for a hunt in the morning. Later in the afternoon when I returned home there were two tails and some innards on the front porch. Ewwwwww.....

Today is my old friend's birthday. Not to say that she is OLD, it's just that we have known each other since kindergarten. Over 60 years! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA WATTERLOND TERROR!

Here we are at Sierra Park (Sewer Pipe) Safety Monitors, and good grief, dressed alike!

And today... still that pretty blonde...



Historically this date.....
.............not so different from what BO and his minions are doing to this country now!

1836Sam Houston is elected as the first president of the Republic of Texas.
.... After Jerry and I got married I wanted to have a boy and name him 'Sam' after Sam Houston because Jerry was a Texan. Didn't get to do that, but now we have 'Samantha'...granddaughter...we call her 'Sami'. Close enough!!

1945 – Iva Toguri D'Aquino, a Japanese-American suspected of being wartime radio propagandist Tokyo Rose, is arrested in Yokohama.
... really interesting read.

1960 – The boxer Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) is awarded the gold medal for his first place in the light heavyweight boxing competition at the Olympic Games in Rome.

1972Munich Massacre: A Palestinian terrorist group called "Black September" attack and take hostage 11 Israel athletes at the Munich Olympic Games. 2 die in the attack and 9 die the following day.

1975Sacramento, California: Lynette Fromme attempts to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford.

And births this date include.....
1846Jack Daniel, Distiller (d. 1911)
Whoot whoot whoot!!!
1847Jesse James, American outlaw (d. 1882)

1937 – William Devane, American actor

1939 – George Lazenby, Australian actor

1939 – John Stewart, American musician (The Kingston Trio) (d. 2008)

1940Raquel Welch, American actress

1951 – Michael Keaton, American actor

Yesterday I went to the Law Enforcement/Fire luncheon. A couple of new guys joined us.... Dan Castillo, who now lives in Texas. Dan went to Garfield High and graduated the same year I did. He knows a couple of my high school friends. He was a Sergeant at ELA Station. Also Bernie Hoene, worked Lancaster/Palmdale and knew my Jerry. He was on the pistol team. THEN what blew me away is that an LAPD guy, Tom Marshall, knew my old high school friend Mike Bastian. Just got re-acquainted with Mike and his wife a few days ago at a BBQ. Will have to quiz Mike AND Tom how they knew each other!

My lunch was a super good patty melt with onion rings.... Half came home with me for dinner!

After lunch I went to Bill and Jeannie's. So sweet, she had a big basket of birthday goodies for me!

We sat on the deck where the view is awesome...

Chaka entertained us by getting in her empty pool....

Her dad took her for a run and then she got the real deal....

Jeannie and I went down to the lower garden and picked a melon...

Nice afternoon!

Rushed home because Martin (pronounced Mar-teen)  was coming over to deliver a cord of wood for me....
He is a client of Brian's and super nice guy. He also does landscaping so having him back to access my yard, grind the stump, and see what else he can do.

Turned on the TV but it was not working. We did have a power somthingy in the morning where it went off and back on. Dave and PJ came up and Dave got the TV going again! YEAH! Dude was happy and cuddled with Dave!

I was going to write about the Marine Corps mascot today, but got a late start. So will do it tomorrow.

Ok, nuff said. Happy Rosh Hashanah to all my Jewish friends. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
Today is also National Cheese Pizza Day


Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is celebrated in 2013 from sundown on Sept. 4 to nightfall on Sept. 6. The Hebrew date for Rosh Hashanah is 1 Tishrei 5774.

Though Rosh Hashanah literally means "head of the year," the holiday actually takes place on the first two days of the Hebrew month of Tishrei, which is the seventh month on the Hebrew calendar. This is because Rosh Hashanah, one of four new years in the Jewish year, is considered the new year of people, animals and legal contracts. In the Jewish oral tradition, Rosh Hashanah marks the completion of the creation of the world.
Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days, or Yamim Noraim (the "Days of Awe"), and is followed 10 days later by Yom Kippur, the "day of atonement." The Mishnah refers to Rosh Hashanah as the "day of judgment," and it is believed that God opens the Book of Life on this day and begins to decide who shall live and who shall die. The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are viewed as an opportunity for Jews to repent (teshuvah, in Hebrew) and ensure a good fate.