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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SNOW! Again ~ Pork Linguini One Pot ~ New Year's Eve Movie ~ Billy's Apple Cider (adult version)

Good 32º snow covered morning. Started about 11pm last night.... still coming down.

I found out that my high school friend, John Berokoff and his beautiful wife Tanya celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary yesterday! CONGRATULATIONS kids! 1967 was a good year, my Kristen was born then.

For the holidays if you'd like to do something that will make you feel good, go here It is the San Clemente Marine Corps Support Group and they send socks by the truckload to soldiers in Afghanistan. I send them $ regularly. Go to their site and read about it. Jim and his wife Carla lost their son in the war and now spend their time making soldiers happy with new socks. Make a $10 donation or any amount ....

I received a Christmas card from Jim and Carla and he sent his monthly update. Here is part of the update...

"I was all excited because we had a great year. Since January, we have shipped over 110,000 pairs of socks, or a little over 10 tons to our friends in Afghanistan.

During this year, we were able to supply 7 Marine Infantry Battalions with socks during their entire deployments. This and sending socks to a number of other units, we were able to make a difference in the quality of life for an awful lot of our guys and gals in the field.

I was going to talk about how grateful we were to all of the people who stepped forward to help us this year. The list is too long to go through, and many have asked that they not be named, but without your generosity, we wouldn’t have been able to be as effective in helping our Marines, Soldiers and Sailors as we’ve been."

Yesterday was fraught with excitement. Finished my Christmas cards, I think, went into town to mail them, pick up a couple of packages at the PO, some basics at the market, a couple stops to deliver cards, and home again.

Dinner? Interesting and GOOD! Jeannie and Bill had given me some pork they roasted, so that as the basic component ....


Linguini, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, pork, chives, sesame oil, red onion, mushrooms, whipped cream cheese, cream of celery soup, and a sprinkle of garlic powder and salt and pepper....


Sauté pork, tomatoes, and slaw in olive oil, add some dollops of cream cheese, cooking the linguini in the meantime. Save about a cup of the pasta cooking water, then add the drained pasta to the pan. Add the celery soup, stir, and add pasta water to right consistency. Add mushrooms, red onion, chives, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Heat through.

Historically lots of stuff happened, and there were lots of births. If you want to see them in particular, go to the archives on the left, click on 2011 and then December and 18.

Had a very snuggy fire last night, watched a fun movie, New Year's Eve. Lots of stars in this movie made in 2011....

Michelle Pfeiffer, Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Biel, Katherine Heigl, Jon Bon Jovi, Sofia Vergara, Ashton Kutcher, James Belushi, Sarah Jessica Parker, Abigail Breslin, Josh Duhamel, Penny Marshall, Hilary Swank, Ludacris, hector Elizondo, Ryan Seacrest, Matthew Broderick, and John Lithgow! See it. Sit back and enjoy the nuttiness.

Bill had given me some of his "Bill's Famous Apple Cider"... OMG, sipped on that. It's made with apple juice, cinnamon, sugar, and Everclear! It has to sit and 'ferment' for a month. Tasty and will really warm you up!

All I know. Brian said Tucker was shouting "IT SNOWED!" and was happy. He did go to school however, all the other schools in the district are closed. Tucker's sister Sami was thrilled this morning when Brian went into her room and raised the blinds so she could see it snowed. She jumped up, flipped to the end of the bed, put her chin on her hands and said, "Oh boy..... it snowed." Happy girl.

Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
December 18th
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