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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sleepy Pets ~ RR House Burns ~ Tucker's Baseball ~ I-5 Fire ~ Rocky Road Ice Cream (YUMMMMM!)

Good sunny clear, so far, 47º Sunday morning. Pressure is dropping....but, it's only supposed to be "partly cloudy" with a high of 79º. Yesterday we hit 85º. Heater in the morning, AC in the afternoon! Typical Oregon!

This from Rod Johnson (USMC, LASD ret) soooooooo CUTE! You will smile and probably get sleepy yourself!



Remember the sign I took a picture of with the guy holding it? Couldn't understand what it meant....
Well, my friend Judy down in California, Seal Beach, told me the following....

"Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus.   So it's Jesus' blood that saves you.  The other word is cutesy spelling for atonement.  Jesus dying on the cross and spilling his blood is the atonement for sin.  Jews in the old testament made blood sacrifices of a pure lamb (animal) to give to God for the remission of their sins, this is called the old law.  The first part is obvious to most that believe in the 2nd coming and the Apocalypse.  Most Christian's and pastor's including even Catholic priests are preaching that the 2nd coming is very soon because all of the over 500 Biblical prophecies have come to pass that predicted His 2nd coming.  some are saying it's any time now.  that's why everyone is so interested in what's going on in the middle east with Syria."     Thanks Judy!!!


Yesterday was Tucker's baseball game. Heading into town there was a house being burned down, on purpose...


Tucker's game...

Brian put chairs on the hill in the shade for us.. Sami decided to do a "sack dance" with the sack the chair goes in..

'Twig'  the dog.... sweetest ever! Belongs to Tucker's coach from last year.


On the way home I stopped at the Humane Society and left them a case of cat food. Harley liked it, but Bruiser doesn't. They were happy to receive that. Then back onto I-5 and went by where it burned the other day. All out now, 115 acres, one house damaged slightly and an out building burned. Came close to these homes:


Historically this date...
1886U.S. President Grover Cleveland marries Frances Folsom in the White House, becoming the only president to wed in the executive mansion.
... interesting about Frances.... (click on her name)
1896Guglielmo Marconi applies for a patent for his newest invention: the radio.
1924 – The U.S. President Calvin Coolidge signs the Indian Citizenship Act into law, granting citizenship to all Native Americans born within the territorial limits of the United States.
1953 – The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, who is crowned Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Her Other Realms and Territories & Head of the Commonwealth, the first major international event to be televised.
1995United States Air Force Captain Scott O'Grady's F-16 is shot down over Bosnia while patrolling the NATO no-fly zone.
2012 – The former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the killing of demonstrators during the 2011 Egyptian revolution.
And births this date include...
1731Martha Washington, First American first lady (d. 1802)
1904 – Johnny Weissmuller, American swimmer and actor (d. 1984)
1937Sally Kellerman, American actress
1941Stacy Keach, American actor
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Will be outside all day.... weeds, lawn, mowing and mowing... etc. UGH.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June tooth...
National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day