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Monday, January 24, 2011

~Packers/Steelers ~ Jack LaLanne ~ Lucy ~ Peanut Butter Day

Good 33º morning.
Started the day out on a sad note, Jack LaLanne died yesterday.
He was 96 and apparently worked out every day, still.
He was certainly amazing.
Ok, I'm sad for the Bears and the Bear's fans. My friends, Suzanne and Phil, were there watching their team hit the skids. I can't believe it wasn't snowing  in Chicago!  So then, the Jets and Steelers. Oh my.... Thought for sure the Jets, my Kristen's team,  were going to pull it out. What a game. And 8º at the stadium in Pittsburgh! With the wind chill it was -1º. Oh my goodness, BURRRRRRR! So now, I'll be with the Packers when they play the Steelers ....The Packer's QB, Aaron (what a great name!) Rogers was born on the same day as my Darling, December 2nd. He is a California boy, born in Chico and went to Butte College. Go Aaron!!!!!! Besides, the Steelers have had enough SB plays and wins (6 and 1 ... they've made the trip 7 times!!!)  Tired of  Ben Roethlisberger, anyway!
So, Friday, after cleaning cupboards... I was watching I Love Lucy. The channel was KTLA in Los Angeles. Cal Worthington was advertising his cars from Long Beach. I couldn't believe that old codger is still alive!!! OMG, he looks soooooo old. Remember when he'd have a lion or tiger, or seal, or bear, laying on the hood of a car, calling him "my dog Spot"???    
Well I looked him up, born in 1920, he's 90 years old and still doing commercials!!! Amazing.
Oh and on California's Gold, Huell was at a See's Candy factory and talking about Lucille Ball doing that show on the candy conveyor belt....
 That was coordinated by See's Candy and one of their managers. Always so funny to watch! In fact, that show was on Friday too!
Historically this date....
not much of interest happened!
But, births this date include....
1917Ernest Borgnine, American actor
1918Oral Roberts, American evangelist (d. 2009)
1925Maria Tallchief, American ballerina
1939Ray Stevens, American musician
1941Neil Diamond, American singer
1941 – Aaron Neville, American singer
You would think, at some point, he would have gotten rid of that ugly mole!!!
1943 – Sharon Tate, American actress and Manson murder victim (d. 1969)
1946Michael Ontkean, Canadian actor
1949John Belushi, American actor (d. 1982)
  Interesting read,
especially about his death.
1968 – Mary Lou Retton, American gymnast
No dinner. Snacks watching football. Oink oink. Shudda been careful about the eating.... Oh well.... Had a nice fire and was snuggy. 
Too much excitement for one day. Next weekend is the All Stars and then on February 6th, the SuperBowl.
Happy Monday. Ciao.
xo Mom/Soupy/Sue
January 24th (ALREADY???)
National Peanut Butter Day