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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rain!~ Lunch at Rossos, Wine at Twisted Cork ~ Alex & Jack In The Box ~ Mr. C's Birthday!

Good 60ยบ (hot!) raining morning. Didn't know it was raining and let Dude out last night and he came back in wet. Heard it rain most all night. We ended up with 1/4" so far. Sure hope it helps the fires and there weren't any more lightening strikes. Will have to watch the news for that info.

Wow, it's still coming down! YES!!!!!


Yesterday was tough but got through it. With the love of my friends and family and all the kind words, that part was wonderful. Thank you all so much for caring. Then there was Dude and Bruiser. Both seemed genuinely concerned and stayed close all day. A little unusual for Bruiser, but he's quite a guy!

About Friday... Maggie was diagnosed with acute bronchitis over a week prior. She was given meds. They didn't seem to be doing anything. I heard her panting most of the night Wednesday. Then she kept it up all day Thursday. I called and left a message for the vet, Dr. Ron Dickey in Rogue River, that I was going to bring Maggie in the morning to his office. Then, natch, if that wasn't bad enough I looked out in my pasture and there is a dead doe. Mr. Coyote was there, but the deer had been killed probably by a cougar. That just increased the depressing feeling as I know I didn't want Maggie to suffer any more and now this and how much I love the pretty deer that hang out here .....

The doc met me in the parking lot of his office Friday morning at 8am. We went inside, Maggie got lots of attention from Joyce and Joan and I got hugs. Doc put Maggie on a pink blanket and administered the shot. She was very peaceful and went to sleep fast. Doc has known Maggs all her life and it was hard on him too. Thank you Doc, you are great! I took Dude into see Maggie after she passed away so he would understand. He has been glued to me ever since!  

I had already made plans with a bunch of girlfriends to have lunch, so I put on the big girl panties and went. We met at Rosso's in Grants Pass, 225 SE 6th St  ... Amy is the owner, and a super nice/neat gal! In the background Dean Martin and Sinatra sing ... so fun!

Jennifer, Dee, and I had the Calamari steak on linguini with a creamy lemon caper sauce with basil and feta cheese. OMGOOOOOD!!!!! Tender and so tasty.

Nancy had a salad that looked delicious...
Jeannie and Donna split a turkey panini.

We all had wine and chatted.

L-R Jeannie, me, Jennifer, Dee, Nancy, Donna...

We left there did some minor shopping and went across the street to the Twisted Cork.

There we had another glass of wine and I told them about Maggie. My dear friends, I really didn't want to spoil such a nice thing we had going, but fair you should know. Thank you for your love!

When I got home Friday there were 20 some vultures circling about. Sad. Yesterday morning there was no evidence of the deer, but the vultures still were hanging out..

I am hoping the doe, who loved to eat the apples off my apple tree and the leaves from the grapevines, is happily munching in heaven ... and Maggie and Jerry are happily reunited!


PICTURE of the day.............. Kristen's Alex and Jack (in the box! LOL)
Kristen called yesterday and her little Chihuahua Jasper had poked something (a stick?) in his eye and had to be sedated and the eye cleaned and medicated. Poor little guy! Now he's got to wear the cone of silence! Take a picture Kristen! ox

Going to get something done today, for sure! Hope you have a good Sunday. All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bob
August 25th
Sean Connery's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!
Whiskey Sour Day


(Since it's Sean's birthday, a sour in a martini glass!)

Juice of 1/2 Lemon

1/2 tsp Powdered sugar

1 Cherry

1/2 slice Lemon

I do have all the ingredients, guess I'll make one of these for cocktail hour today!