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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rain ~ Shopping ~ Billy's Soup ~ Pepper Pot Soup

Good 47º (summer!) morning. Hit 64º yesterday. Had a jacket on with a wool scarf and was wondering why I was sweating! This taken about noon....

.... and this was just taken this morning....

We did get quite a bit of wind and some rain.... just about 1/3"

Shopping day yesterday. Was going to Wal Mart but thinking about something else and missed the turn to the store so I went Fred Meyer's instead on a whim as I drove past and got flannel sheets on sale! I had broken the gold chain on the necklace Jerry had given me some time ago. Made me sad because I love that necklace and wore it all the time. Well, in Freddy's I decided to check on chains in the jewelry department. OMG, they were 60% off!!! So, I got one. YEAH. Also found Wanchai Orange Chicken in the Asian food section. It is sooooooo good! I got the last two boxes. Then............... decided to go to Wal Mart and see what their flannel sheets were like and what price. HA! They didn't even have any! So, that worked out great for me. Bargains. One thing, at least the shopping population in Wally World didn't disappoint in the way they were dressed! I should have taken my camera in with me.

Then it was off to Bill and Jeannie's for a chat and wine. Bill was making bean/ham soup and they gave me some to bring home. OMG!!! That is the BEST soup I have ever eaten!!!! Beans, veggies, kielbasa, ham ..... HEAVEN! Thanks Billy!!

On the way home there was poleece activity.... street was blocked off and there were lots of blinkie blinkies and an officer directing traffic... crime scene tape. I later heard on the news a woman had been hit and killed crossing the dark street...wearing dark clothing. Sad. For you locals this was at SW G Street and Oak.

Back home safe and sound, fire, chair, wine, and Billy's soup! Ahhhhh......

My nephew Andy is 57 years old today. How can that be??
Here he is with my sis, Marion, his first Christmas. What a doll baby.

.... And here is one of the last pictures I have of him... on the far right.. this was in 1988. Haven't heard from the boy in years. He lives in Sparks or Reno..... You hear from him Jimmy????
L to R: David, Jimmy, Marion, Bill, Andy. Bobby is MIA.

Historically this date...
1845 – In accordance with International Boundary delimitation, U.S.A annexes the Mexican state of Texas, following the Manifest Destiny doctrine. The Republic of Texas, which had been independent since the Texas Revolution of 1836, is thereupon admitted as the 28th U.S. state.

1997Hong Kong begins to kill all the nation's 1.25 million chickens to stop the spread of a potentially deadly influenza strain.

And births this date include....
1800Charles Goodyear, American inventor (d. 1860)

Every picture of him, he's grumpy looking!

1936Mary Tyler Moore, American actress

Ya think there's been some plastic goin' on here?????      GAG!

1938 – Jon Voight, American actor

1947Ted Danson, American actor
... who is now on CSI

1972 – Jude Law, British actor

Ok, all I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
December 29th
Pepper Pot Soup Day

Here are several recipes... most containing pork and traditional Jamaican pepper pot soup contains tripe...