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Thursday, April 9, 2015


I can't do my blog as my big computer is being worked on. Google Chrome has it screwed up. Google and AOL fight each other. Google is where the blog is and won't let me download photos from AOL. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............I had the blog almost all written and saved it for later. Well, it's on the other computer not this laptop. Sorry. Hopefully Turk will have it fixed by tomorrow. 

TBT ~ Amazing Dog Story ~ Sugar Fox & Bridey ~ Dude Smilebox ~ Redo on Leftovers ~ Kristen Short Hair

Good 31ยบ clear and ice on the barn roof morning.

I must say, I was sooooooooooo happy to see the Boston bomber get convicted! Now we can only pray for the death penalty!

Happy Throw Back Thursday:
Tucker and Atlas... RIP Atlas. You were an AWESOME dog!

Here is an AMAZING story:
Homeless Dog Hit By Car Gets Stuck In Grill, Survives 248 Mile Journey & Gets A New Home....
A stray dog in China was hit by a car and managed to get stuck in the grill of the car at the moment of impact. The driver thought he had hit and killed the dog, but didn't realize the dog was stuck in the car until the dog started making noises

Unable to remove the dog, they had to drive 248 miles to the nearest town to get the dog out. After freeing the dog, they took it to a nearby veterinarian who checked the dog over and said other than some scratches and bruises, the dog was completely unharmed.

The driver of the car felt that it was fate that put the two together and decided to adopt the dog. The driver, known as only Mr. Zhang, describes the dog as his "best friend" - what a story!

And speaking of neat dogs... here is a picture my pal Jennifer Murphy posted on her FB page... Her Sugar Fox (American Indian Dog) and her cat Bridey (Murphy!) having established a peace!

Yesterday I worked on going through all the mail I picked up from the post office. Groan... lots to shred. The gate guys were here and got in the new posts. Dude and I took the trash to the can and picked up the mail. Here is a Smilebox of that "adventure" and the new gate posts.... (The little circle on the bottom left after you push the 'play' button will make it full screen. The arrow in a circle will stop it and go back to the beginning)
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I cleaned out some more "stuff" from my freezer. (Jeannie you will be proud of me!!) I found some pasta.

So, into the casserole Crock*Pot went the rest of the carrots from the fridge and 10 or so garlic cloves and a little chicken stock to steam them. 3 hours on high.

The pasta has canned chicken in it, zucchini, Goya Pigeon Peas, sliced carrots, and probably an Alfredo sauce with angel hair pasta....
I drained out the chicken stock and added in the thawed pasta. Put on 'warm' til I was ready to eat. 

Topped it with some mozzarella cheese. OMGOOOOOD!!!!!

Kristen wrote she is losing her hair like "a shedding cat"! LOL, silly. I'm sure it is! She just cut her hair so I told her to send me a selfie... She and Alex did... She is looking good. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!! So appreciated!!

Historically this date

1959 – Project MercuryNASA announces the selection of the United States' first sevenastronauts, whom the news media quickly dub the "Mercury Seven".

1961 – The Pacific Electric Railway in Los Angeles, once the largest electric railway in the world, ends operations.

1980 – The Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein kills philosopher Muhammad Baqir al-Sadrand his sister Bint al-Huda after three days of torture.

...He's just strange...and she's weird!

And births this date include....
1903 – Ward Bond, American actor (d. 1960)

1942 – Brandon deWilde, American actor (d. 1972)

1954 – Dennis Quaid, American actor
All I know. Nuff said. Happy TBT. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
April 9th
Chinese Almond Cookie Day (YUMMMMMM)

or try this one, using a whole almond on top: