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Monday, October 10, 2011

Me ~ James Van Praagh ~ Jerry Maxwell

My friend Linda and I went to see James Van Praagh at the Rogue Theater in Grants Pass on Saturday night.

My statements are in red. Van Praagh's are in black. He said to answer his questions with either a yes or no. He was very animated and when he was posing questions he was like someone was standing next to him saying things to him and sometimes he'd "answer" that person. And Linda, she is awesome, got an envelope out of her purse and started writing down what Van P was saying and asking. Otherwise, I couldn't remember most of it. I was shaking and they handed me a mic and I was squeezing it so hard if I had been strong it would have shattered!
Linda and I found our seats in the theater, row 7 and one over from the right isle. In the isle seat was a sort of 'different' man. Older. Seemed to know people in the audience. Talked to them about Van Praagh and how spectacular he was. This was my third time seeing Van P. The first time I prayed he'd see Jerry and connect. Nope. The second time the same thing. This time I just thought, "I'll just go and enjoy the show and not think about Jerry."

As the show was winding down, after 3 hours, James said, "Does this sound familiar... I'm thinking this is an older man in his mid to late 60's. He passed while watching a TV show.... One lady raised her hand and the answers she gave were not who he was talking about. I raised my hand. "Who is this I'm talking about?" I said, "My husband"... I was handed a mic. His name? Jerry. He was how old? 66. He died watching TV? No, we watched a show together and he died 3 hours afterwards. The man next to you is Gordon. He helped bring Jerry to you. Gordon was in the Air Force during Viet Nam. He helped Jerry connect here tonight.
He's a big man. Tall? Yes. I have to look up to him?, said Van Praagh, (as he turned and looked up. Van P is short.) Yes. He likes to fix things and thinks he can do better than most? Yes. He had a great sense of humor? Yes. He either liked you or you knew he didn't? Yes. Your friend next to you is ? Linda. Her husband was in the Marines with Jerry. Jerry is saying hi to Linda. He died in bed? Yes. He had a pain in his chest? Yes. You called paramedics? Yes. He said to make sure you know his death was NOT painful. (Jerry's cardiologist said his heart stopped and he was immediately unconscious and never knew a thing.) You recently had a new roof put on? Yes, the barn. He wants you to know he is ALWAYS with you. You gave his tools to someone when he passed? Yes, his son. You are having a problem with your dishwasher? Yes! (OMG!!! I need a new one and have been washing dishes for almost a year by hand.) He was well liked by a lot of people. I feel honored to know him. Oh, and he likes me! He liked the vegetables from your garden? Yes. There was/is a problem with critters in your garden? Yes. Jerry put up some kind of fencing? Yes. (Right now there are turkeys in the garden eating the grapes!) There is a creaking spot in your stairs or floor? Yes. There is a place on the floor that needs to be repaired? Yes. (Thoughts about that have been on my mind.) You need some new windows? Yes. (Upstairs I need some double paned windows and I have been thinking about that too!) Something is coming in the Spring... March, April, or May. May 15th is a special date. Remember this. You share a VERY strong love. He loves you very much! He likes to look at the ocean and he likes the boats and he likes the sail boats. Did he have stomach problems? No. Someone has stomach problems. Yes, my son. Jerry is preparing for you, but you will live to be very old. (LOL, LACERA retirement fund!) You wear something of Jerry's... a chain? Yes, I wear his wedding ring. You have a connection with San Francisco. Yes. We went there on our honeymoon. (We LOVED SF!) You have a clock that is not working, like a grandfather clock or...? Yes, a Regulator clock. (Jerry gave it to me our first Christmas.) If you hear sounds, he's tinkering with it. You have children. Yes, I have two and he had two. Yes, I see a two and two.... He doesn't want you to leave the house you are in. He wants you to stay there. You have pictures of him in his Marine uniform. Yes. I see him. He was very handsome. No wonder you married him! He wants you to remember his death was not painful. He is with you always. He loves you deeply. God Bless you Sweetheart. Goodnight.

Then the man next to me, Gordon, hugged me and said again "He loves you very much." ??? This guy Gordon must be a local ...psychic or something ... I was crying, Linda was crying. We both had to take deep breaths to realize this really happened! The lady in front of us said her husband died 3 1/2 years ago and he had been a Jackson Co deputy. He was 60. She hugged me. This is just so unreal but at the same time he said all the things that not really many people would even know about. I am taken aback. Still the tears are running. Sigh..........................
I see that there is a Psychic Faire Nov. 5th at the Josephine Co Fairgrounds. I'm going. One of the exhibitors is a "Gordon", so I want to see if it's the same guy because I was so out of breath and really didn't talk to him and he left the theater pretty fast.
What an experience. Some of you may not believe in this sort of psychic stuff, but I do! I love his books. Fascinating.