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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Casper ~ Mowing ~ Neko ~ LBBs ~ PB Cookies

Good sunny, with rain predicted, 53ยบ morning.

Yesterday I mowed for 3 hours and wasn't finished, but exhausted and full of grass....down my shirt, up my nose, and in my hair~! Before I started I went out the back door and there was Casper! We had a few seconds of 'conversation'... he meowed, I said things like "hi baby" and he meowed, I meowed, and he gave me a tiny hiss!

I put some food out for her and went over to the lawn-tractor and put gas in it... then I saw the little buck and doe were out in the yard. So.... I went back into the house.

I waited until Casper ate and the deer moved on, then mowed. I am developing a relationship with Casper and don't want to spook it. (LOL...pun)

Here is after a couple of passes...

and then done.....

Next was this area....

....and done.... notice the bare spots..? Gophers! Their mounds get mowed down! (ah ha, a poet here!)

Maggie and I went to the road to get our mail and bring in the trash cans. Stopped to visit with PJ. Neko decided she wanted to sit UNDER my golf cart! Maggie was laying on the cement up by PJ's house and Neko was keeping an eye on her!

Then later Casper was back again and eating more! I think she's beginning to like me.

All the new little baby brown birdies were sitting on my garden arch picking and cleaning their feathers while waiting for moms to return with more food!

Today is an all girls outing. The 'men' (Dale and Bill and Bob) have gone fishing. We (Donna, Jeannie, Dee, Cathy, and I) are off to Jacksonville to shop and have lunch. The Mercantile store there has the MOST interesting and yummy spices and rubs and candy and gourmet foods. Fun!

Then probably the Jacksonville Inn for lunch. They also have an awesome wine shop.

Historically this date...
1942Holocaust: Anne Frank receives a diary for her thirteenth birthday.

1994Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are murdered outside her home in Los Angeles, California. O.J. Simpson is later acquitted of the killings, but is held liable in wrongful death civil suit.

And births this date include....

1928Vic Damone, American singer


1929 – Anne Frank, German-born Dutch Jewish diarist and Holocaust victim (d. 1945)

1930 – Jim Nabors, American actor
.... he missed this year's Indy 500 due to health problems and a recording of him singing "Back Home In Indiana" was played.

All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 12th
National Peanut Butter Cookie Day