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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Smileboxs Tucker & Shuttle ~ Mouse Cookies ~ Sami's Bird ~ Moon ~ White Chocolate Martini

Here is the Smilebox from Tucker's birthday on Thursday....
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And... here's a smile box of misc and friend's/family photos of shuttle....
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Good 47ยบ morning. No frost today.
Yesterday I finished up the mouse cookies.....
First, pull apart the Twizzler ropes. The ears are sliced almonds and the nose and eyes are mini chocolate chips.. The recipe said to melt chocolate and use a pastry bag to put on the eyes and nose. I thought this was much easier!

The formed cookies are baked and when taken out of the oven the tails are attached.

More pictures of Tucker's Harry Potter Party tomorrow along with all the food and goodies. If you are interested in the mouse cookie recipe, email me.
Look what Sami painted for me.... ♥ ♥
Such a cute little colorful birdie!! Thanks Sami! I love you! ♥
Hey LASD folks... today is Moon Mullin's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOON!
Hope you are rockin' out in Vegas and having a great celebration!
Historically this date....
Lots of stuff happened. Mostly not good.... wars and hurricanes and crazies shooting people....
And births this date include.....
1920Mickey Rooney, American actor
1930 – Ray Charles, American musician (d. 2004)
1945 – Paul Petersen, American actor
1949 – Bruce Springsteen, American singer-songwriter
1961 – Willie McCool, American astronaut (d. 2003)
Columbia pilot.
All I know. Putting together the Harry Potter Smilebox... Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
September 23rd
National White Chocolate Day