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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~ Sky ~ Mr. Grant ~ Peking Duck

Good 32º cloudy morning.  "Chance of rain" so I'm not counting on any.
I am not awake yet, but have to go down and open my gate for the phone guy. Right at the moment I have no internet, so I hope it comes on soon so I can post this some time soon!
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 30 minutes later...
Ah ha... opened the gate, took my shovel and dug out a place where the water is coming out of the pasture and running down the side of the road. Fixed now so it doesn't run onto the road. Came back and the internet is back up. Yeah!

Sunday the sky was dark and foreboding...
and we got rain..... nearly an inch.
The sky yesterday morning was spectacular...
and this little finch was keeping an eye on me....

I'm good. I was pretty devastated that my Patriots lost. Didn't want to blog. Was just pitypartin'. But the way I look at it, there is next year. I'll still love Tommy boy! I was just hoping for Superbowl this year, as my guys won in 2002, 2004, and 2005. They are good! 

For this year at least one member of my family, Kristen, is a happy camper ... being a Jet's fan! Glad for you Tootie!!! 
I got out in the sun (yes, we actually had sun!) and went shopping at Costco...always make me feel better. Got exciting stuff: dog dental chews, chicken jerky, chicken & sweet potato treats, canned chunk chicken (for me), broccoli, baby carrots, hummus, jalapeño/artichoke dip (wonderful in twice baked potatoes!),grape tomatoes, beef 'little smokies', and some lobster ravioli! (lobster with parmesan and ricotta cheeses).

Be still my heart. I'll make a white sauce with diced tomatoes to go over .....

Took a picture coming down off the big hill between Medford and RR... our valley was lookin' good!

And then I stopped at the Rogue River Bridge. The river is really up and overflowing banks....
The above is at the boat launch...
Here is where folks view the river or fish. You can see the water has been up and over the platform.

Monsieur Pee-jon (Sorry, I like to think they are French) was not on the wires like the rest of his ilk, he was sitting in the grass.

And ... then there was this goose.... "I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty
That the city should give me its key.
A committee
Should be organized to honor me. Bomp bomp bomp bomp bomp bompty bomp.....

Thought interesting this goose and the Mallards (Mr. Mall-lard is out in the yard) were buddies. The male has a green beak and the female an orange one. Pretty fancy....

 Anyway, these critters are always in the park along the river under the bridge. I keep forgetting to take them treats. Wednesday I'll do that when I take Maggs in for a blood test. Will have "feeding frenzy photos"!

Historically this date...
1788 – The first elements of the First Fleet carrying 736 convicts from England to Australia arrives at Botany Bay.
1896 – The X-ray machine is exhibited for the first time.

1944 – The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City hosts a jazz concert for the first time. The performers are Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Artie Shaw, Roy Eldridge and Jack Teagarden.
1990Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry is arrested for drug possession in an FBI sting.

And births this date include....
1779Peter Mark Roget, British lexicographer (d. 1869)

He wrote one of my most favorite books!!!

1813Joseph Glidden, American farmer who patented barbed wire (d. 1906)
With that name, you'd think he invented some kind of paint!  LOL, probably a relative!

1882A. A. Milne, English author (d. 1956)

1892Oliver Hardy, American comedian and actor (d. 1957)

1904 – Cary Grant, English actor (d. 1986)

Mr. Grant and I at a Fabergê sales meeting in the Bahamas. He was dreamy then, even at 77 years old!

1913Danny Kaye, American actor (d. 1987)

1941 – David Ruffin, American singer (The Temptations) (d. 1991)
   Saw them at the Playboy Club in the 70's... NEAT!!!!

1955Kevin Costner, American actor

So, yesterday afternoon the sky, again, was interesting.... the first one at noon and the second one about 3pm.

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Hope the phone guy comes today (called yesterday) and fixes my phone line so my modem won't go off all the time and the noise in the phone stops!!! Wish me luck.
xo Mom/Soupy/Sue
January 18th
National Peking Duck Day

Ewwwww... no thank you, not after the cute ducks at the park yesterday!