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Friday, July 19, 2013

Clock ~ Ice Cream Machine ~ Zucchini w/ Tomato ~ Mac & Cheese ~ Daiquiri

Good 53º clear morning. Again going to be hot. Yesterday was icky hot. Last year on this date and in 2011 on this date we had rain and thunder storms. High temp was 72º. Don't know how everyone is doing at the fair.. they all must have melted!

This does not make me happy:

Yesterday I puttered around the house.... I put up the "breakfast clock" Becky & Greg Lundell gave me... got it to work... duh, now on the little motor thingy it has an "on" and "off" switch! Works perfectly! Thanks G&B !!! xo

Then I put together the soft serve ice cream maker. Couldn't make any because the bowl has to be in the freezer for a minimum of 12 hours beforehand.....
Top left it holds sprinkles or M&Ms. Bottom left you can stack cones. Today, my friends, today!!! It comes with recipes and I think I'll make the frozen yogurt one first...instead of making the ice cream with "heavy cream" and milk, etc....


I also did exciting stuff like laundry and watering. Today is vacuuming and dusting. Oh joy. Bruiser left yesterday morning on one of his treaks... and hasn't returned as of yet.

:o(  .... worry worry worry....


PICTURE of the day... two "cool" sisters (Marion and I) on a road trip....

This came from Patty.... hilarious!
"Got home late from my golf game last night and missed dinner again. Wife left me a message in the kitchen.."

Historically this date...
1963Joe Walker flies a North American X-15 to a record altitude of 106,010 meters (347,800 feet) on X-15 Flight 90. Exceeding an altitude of 100 km, this flight qualifies as a human spaceflight under international convention.

1964Vietnam War: at a rally in Saigon, South Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Khanh calls for expanding the war into North Vietnam.

1979 – The Sandinista rebels overthrow the government of the Somoza family in Nicaragua.

1981 – In a private meeting with U.S. President Ronald Reagan, French Prime Minister François Mitterrand reveals the existence of the Farewell Dossier, a collection of documents showing that the Soviets had been stealing American technological research and development.

And births this date include...
1814Samuel Colt, American inventor and industrialist, founded the Colt's Manufacturing Company (d. 1862)

1941Vikki Carr, American singer and humanitarian

1962Anthony Edwards, American actor

Dinner last night was my macaroni & cheese (see the recipe on my blog on July 15th) .... and Jeannie and Bill had given me this humongous zucchini....

So I made the mac & cheese....
...and I sliced the zucchini, put on a cookie sheet,drizzled on olive oil (some garlic/onion infused). sprinkled garlic powder, topped with tomato slices, salt and pepper, and baked for 30 minutes with the mac & cheese...

All I know. TGIF. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 19th
National Daiquiri Day
Nothing says summer like an ice cold cocktail made with good rum and fresh limes!  Enter the daiquiri.  No, not the the frozen strawberry daiquiri that seems to be everyone’s first cocktail.  The original daiquiri was believed to be invented by an American working in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.  Since then, many variations of the daiquiri have come about by adding other ingredients like bananas, coconut, strawberries, mango, etc.

1½ oz light rum
juice of ½ lime
1 t. powdered sugar
Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into cocktail glass, serve.
.....or dissolve the sugar in the rum and lime juice by stirring in a high ball glass.  When dissolved, add crushed ice and stir until the glass begins to frost over.  Enjoy the deliciousness!