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Thursday, February 3, 2011

~ Brrrrrr.... ~ French Words ~ Chinese New Year! ~

Good 24ยบ morning. Not complaining....
after seeing what is happening across the mid-west!!!
Holy cow, it's cold!!!

Here is a picture of my friend's car...
George and Connie live in New Mexico...

Yesterday was the LE/Fire luncheon. Had a great time!
We have two more LASD joining us. Steve worked SEB
and knows my old high school pal, Gary Rovarino, aka
"Duke". Gary and I never dated, but held hands in Am. Lit
class! So, there were 7 of us surrounded by mostly retired
LAPD... we're gaining though!!

Thanks to Joe I learned a new French word.... (now now now... don't even go there....) "pamplemousse". It's certainly nothing sexy... it means "grapefruit" !! Thanks Joe, just never know when that will come in handy!

Historically this date...
1959 – A plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa kills Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper, and pilot Roger Peterson and the incident becomes known as The Day the Music Died.
1971New York Police Officer Frank Serpico is shot during a drug bust in Brooklyn and survives to later testify against police corruption. Many believe the incident proves that NYPD officers tried to kill him.
1984John Buster and the research team at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center announce history's first embryo transfer, from one woman to another resulting in a live birth.
1995 – Astronaut Eileen Collins becomes the first woman to pilot the Space Shuttle as mission STS-63 gets underway from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

And births this date include....
1894Norman Rockwell, American illustrator (d. 1978)

1904 – Pretty Boy Floyd, American gangster (d. 1934)

1907James Michener, American author (d. 1997)

1918Joey Bishop, American entertainer,
member of the Rat Pack (d. 2007)

1943Blythe Danner, American actress
        Mother of Gweneth Paltrow

1958Joe F. Edwards, Jr., American astronaut

1965 – Maura Tierney, American actress

.... and two friends celebrate birthdays today...
from high school..
Sarah Jane

and from our intimate LASD group...
Bob H.
Happy Birthday kids!!!!

Brian will be bringing my granddog over today.
Atlas will stay with me for a few days.
 He and Maggie are old buddies.

Ok, all I know. Nuff said. Adieu!
(oh look, another French word ..)
xo Mom/Soupy/Sue
February 3rd....
Chinese New Year!

The year of the rabbit.
Mmmm... a good night for Chinese Food!!!