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Thursday, July 7, 2011

LE/Fire Lunch ~ Zucchini/Cheese/Corn Casserole ~

Good 55º clear sunny morning. Suspected thunder showers in the area, but no sign of them. "Supposed" to be cooler today. Hit 90º yesterday. Last night there were a 'hint' of clouds.....

A young doe and her little spikey buck were out. She was keeping an eye on me while I was standing on the porch....

This is the 188th day of the year, with 177 remaining.
Yesterday I had three young deer at the back door sharing chow with some Toms... 

The one Tom was looking at me, the deer did not know where I was...

This morning I saw the first of the hens with her chicks. They were very nervous and scooted off into the trees before I could get my camera!

Then yesterday off to the Grants Pass Golf Club for our LE/Fire luncheon.

It was a beautiful day and the barbecued hamburgers were great!

(Thanks for taking the pictures Candy!)


Big lunch, was not hungry for dinner, but here's a great little side dish to use up some of that abbondanza ( ) of zucchini in your garden.

From my friend Sandy....
shredded zucchini
1 block shredded Jack cheese
large can Ortega green chilies
2 cans white corn - drained
salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste
Put shredded zucchini in a large fry pan with a small amount of oil, cook until most of liquid is gone and zucchini has decreased by about 2/3. Add corn, chilies, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Mix well, add shredded cheese, and stir in. Heat on low until cheese is all melted.

"The above makes a very large amount, for just the two of you I would shred about 6 med to small zucchini and then use about 1/3 of a block of Jack cheese. You can judge how much you want in there after the zucchini cooks down. Use one can of corn."
Well, it seems that the underlined links are now working on my blog, so I don't have to add the http:// line.... Check them out and let me know.
Historically this date...
1456 – A retrial verdict acquits Joan of Arc of heresy 25 years after her death.
1846Mexican-American War: American troops occupy Monterey and Yerba Buena, thus beginning the U.S. conquest of California.
1863United States begins its first military draft; exemptions cost $300.
1911 – The United States, Great Britain, Japan, and Russia sign the North Pacific Fur Seal Convention of 1911 banning open-water seal hunting, the first international treaty to address wildlife preservation issues.
1928Sliced bread is sold for the first time by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Chillicothe, Missouri.

1946 Howard Hughes nearly dies when his XF-11 spy plane prototype crashes in a Beverly Hills neighborhood.
1954Elvis Presley made his radio debut when WHBQ Memphis played his first recording for Sun Records, "That's All Right."
1985Boris Becker becomes the youngest player ever to win Wimbledon at age 17
I remember Jerry and I watching this match over on Catalina. He was awesome..If you know ...... and ..... (retired LASD), we were watching the match in their rented condo. Gosh, 1985...our children were teenagers!

And births this date include....
1940Ringo Starr, English drummer and singer (The Beatles)

1968 – Jorja Fox, American actress

... and today a friend's (Del) dad, Elmer Albright is 94. His youngest son, Dr. Dale Albright,
Grants Pass Three Rivers Hospital is 60. Happy Birthday kids!

All I know. Nuff said. Ciao. Happy Thursday.
xo Mom-Soupy-Sue
July 7th
National Strawberry Sundae Day