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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fog (Really, again?) ~ Weekend Football Playoffs ~ Musashi's ~ CLEAN Off Your Desk

Good 40º foggy morning.

Historically this date...
1810 – Napoleon divorces his first wife Joséphine1861 – American Civil WarFlorida secedes from theUnion
1870 – John D. Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil1901 – The first great Texas oil gusher is discovered at Spindletop in Beaumont, Texas
2005 – A mudslide occurs in La Conchita, California, killing 10 people, injuring many more and closing the Highway 101, the main coastal corridor between San Franciscoand Los Angeles, for 10 days. 

And births this date include.....
1836 – Charles Ingalls, father of Laura Ingalls Wilder (d. 1902)

1865 – Mary Ingalls, sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder (d. 1928)

1904 – Ray Bolger, American actor and dancer (d. 1987)

1927 – Gisele MacKenzie, Canadian singer (d. 2003

She was funny!!!!


1939 – Sal Mineo, American actor (d. 1976)


1943 – Jim Croce, American singer (d. 1973)

1944 – Frank Sinatra, Jr., American singer
1945 – Rod Stewart, Scottish singer

1949 – George Foreman, American boxer

   I LOVE his grill!!!!

1949 – Linda Lovelace, American pornographic actress (d. 2002)

 otherwise known as 'deep throat' ... from whence came the term Deep Throat , the pseudonymgiven to the secret informant who provided information to Bob Woodward of The Washington Post in 1972 about the involvement of United States President Richard Nixon's administration in what came to be known as the Watergate scandal.
1953 – Pat Benatar, American singer

1957 – Greg Walden, American politician, United States Congressman from Oregon

♥†♥†♫♪ ♪♫•♥♥†♥†♥ ♥†♥†♥ ♥♪♫•*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥♥†♥†♥  (I love this guy! A real hero to Oregon!)

....and today is Pat Cruz's birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATC!!!!!! Been awhile. Love the pictures of you and your granddaughter on your FB page!
Football playoffs this weekend.....

Yesterday I had errands to do in Grants Pass and so did Jennifer so we decided to meet up when I got there. Met at Musashi's on H Street (around the corner from Safeway) ....

Since it was such a cold and gloomy foggy day I thought hot saké sounded awesome!

It was!
Also, I had some miso soup, calamari salad, and tempura....

Jennifer had a salad with their sesame dressing (sooooo good!) and a roll.. she gave me a taste..

Had a couple conversations with people sitting near us. One man had worked at Pelican Bay Prison and another gal, Mattie, had worked for Orange County Sheriff's Office! Always fun meeting new people.
Then to Safeway for groceries and PetCo for jerky treats for the Dude! Home, snuggy fire, TV, wine, Bruiser on my lap. Nice.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
January 10th

National Clean Off Your Desk Day 

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