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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flag Day ~ Anniversary ~ Using Egg Slicer ~ Dude/Bruiser ~ Watermelon Martini ~ Full Moon

Good 43ยบ clear sunny morning. Stayed pretty cloudy here all day yesterday and the rain never touched the ground...

It's Saturday and it's Flag Day

... and 39 years ago today Jerry and I got married.

Married in the courtyard of the San Gabriel Congregational Church on San Gabriel Blvd. Steve Voors (LASD ret) was Best Man and Sandy (Todoran Kraut) Beck (Wilson S'63)was my Matron of Honor. Kristen was Flower Girl and Brian the Ring Bearer. We had a party at our house after the ceremony. Happy Anniversary Darling!  ♥ ♥

Here is some good advice in regards to slicing... it says "borrow your grandmother's egg slicer". Grandmother's??? Hey! It's mine!!! Oh wait, I'm a grandmother. Duh....

Historically this date...

1775 – American Revolutionary War: the Continental Army is established by theContinental Congress, marking the birth of the United States Army.

1777 – The Stars and Stripes is adopted by Congress as the Flag of the United States.

1789 – Whiskey distilled from maize is first produced by American clergyman the RevElijah Craig. It is named Bourbon because Rev Craig lived in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

1937 – Pennsylvania becomes the first (and only) state of the United States to celebrateFlag Day officially as a state holiday.

1954 – U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs a bill into law that places the words "under God" into the United States Pledge of Allegiance.

And births this date include...
1909 – Burl Ives, American actor, singer, and author (d. 1995)

1916 – Dorothy McGuire, American actress (d. 2001)

1919 – Gene Barry, American actor (d. 2009)
Met him once at the Arboretum in Arcadia where scenes were filmed for Fantasy Island. He was a guest on the show. A real ass. Thought wayyyyy too much of himself. On the other hand, Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize were awesome and sooooo nice!

1932 – Joe Arpaio, American police officer

I enjoy Dude and the Bruise...They just stayed close all day... Dude at my side wherever I go ....

... and Bruiser on my lap when I sit down...

Did a lot of "stuff" yesterday. Cleaned out my computer. Contemplating getting a new one. Got all Alex's graduation photos on a DVD for her and will mail it. Nothing else going on.
Dinner was reruns... but pre-dinner was a watermelon martini...

Watched some TV. Napped in chair. Got up to go to bed and took a picture of that full moon...

I like that new show, Night Shift. A little more intense and nuttier than Grey's Anatomy. Guy who runs hospital is a jerk, one doctor was a medic in Afghanistan during conflict. Interesting stuff.
Happy for LA Kings fans.
All I know. Happy Saturday. Wear your RED WHITE & BLUE and make sure your flag is up. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 14th
Strawberry Shortcake Day