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Monday, December 9, 2013

2º ~ Case of Disappearing Popcorn ~ Football

Good 2º morning. Again. No thaw. Did warm to the high 20ºs yesterday and a little snow fell off the trees and I think some slid off the roof. Weird noise.

I had to bundle up, find my snow boots, and turn off the well house ... the electric panel is up behind the house between here and the well house... circle is electric panel, arrow is well house.
From there.... looking back at house....
Mike got here about 10am and did a temporary fix on the broken pipe under the porch. It was the one that goes to the faucet for the hose. Said he will return when it warms up and repair the pipe. The water has frozen up between the well house and the house, so still no water. Hope all that thaws SOON!!!

As some of you know I made a big bowl of popcorn, drizzled on melted butter, sprinkled on cheese, set it by my chair so I could enjoy it and watch football yesterday..... I had a couple bites and had to get up from the chair... when I returned Dude had that "why are you looking at me that way, mom?" look on his face...

.... and all the popcorn was gone!


Historically this date...
1979 – The eradication of the smallpox virus is certified, making smallpox the first and to date only human disease driven to extinction.
2008 – The Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, is arrested by federal officials for a number of crimes including attempting to sell the United States Senate seat being vacated by President-elect Barack Obama's election to the Presidency.
.... at least he's still in jail, for a while longer!

And births this date include....
(Just fyi, too many pictures to post. If you want to see a photo of them and/or read about them, click on their name, it's the link)
1897Hermione Gingold, English actress (d. 1987)
1898Emmett Kelly, American circus clown (d. 1979)
1909Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., American actor (d. 2000)
1911Broderick Crawford, American actor (d. 1986)
1911 – Lee J. Cobb, American actor (d. 1976)
1916Kirk Douglas, American actor
still alive at 96. Interesting read about his heritage and his life.
1922Redd Foxx, American comedian (d. 1991)
1925Dina Merrill, American actress
1928 – Dick Van Patten, American actor
1929John Cassavetes, American actor and director (d. 1989)
1934 – Dame Judi Dench, English actress
1941Beau Bridges, American actor
1942 – Dick Butkus, American football player
.... Ha ha ha... "Dick Butt Kiss" !!!
1953 – John Malkovich, American actor
1957Donny Osmond, American singer and actor
1962Felicity Huffman, American actress
About 11:30 I bundled up again
and headed out to get some wood from the woodpile....
One wheelbarrow full and I was done!
Then about 2 I drove down and put out the trash can on the road.
One car went by very slowly... and the road was just ice! I did pick up my mail that had been there for a couple of days. Doesn't look like I will be going anywhere soon!!! Keep your fingers crossed my water pipes thaw soon... a shower would really be nice!
This is the first time I've evre had icecicles on my house!
Football was wild yesterday... the game between the Eagles and the Lions was unbelievable... 6" of snow on the field and more coming down steadily throughout the game! My Patriots were awesome! Last minute. Sigh.......
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Most all schools closed up here... closed on Friday so the teachers and kids get at least a 4 day weekend! And as my pal PJ repeats often "globalwarmingmyass"!!! Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
December 9th
National Pastry Day