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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weird Clouds ~ Made in China ~ Crockpot Chicken ~ Old L.A. ~ Robbie ~ Lemonade Stand ~ Salt/Pepper Shakers

Good 61º icky hot scattered clouds morning. Hit 104º yesterday by 3pm. Shouldn't be as hot today. Ha! Weird clouds out there this morning...

This one looked like a person in a space suit floating in space...

First thing yesterday morning I got the grass mowed. Yeah.

Angry. So angry. I bought 3 USMC lapel pins from Sgt. Grit and they are MADE IN CHINA! WHAAAAAA?????????? An AMERICAN GI pin made in CHINA?????

I was so disappointed I wrote them an email, just about stating this same thing.  This is the reply I got: "Most all lapel pins come from China. They have the better resources for this. .Semper Fidelis"

Yesterday, well the night before, I decided to cook a whole chicken. Took out the giblets (which any more are piss poor at best.. the neck and a little piece of the liver!) and washed it thoroughly in cold water. Dried it and put it in the crockpot. Drizzled on olive oil and some white balsamic honey flavored vinegar:
 ... any white balsamic would do, about 2 tablespoons. Then shook on Trader Joe's 21 Spice, Trinidad Lemon Garlic (you can get it at The Spice House: ) or use garlic powder or garlic salt and add a little lemon zest. I also used sea salt.

The heat was turned to high for a couple hours then to low and left to cook total time of 11 hours. I know! The chicken was caramelized on the bottom, fell off the bone, and was HEAVENLY GOOD!!!!

Whodda thought that 11 hours in a crockpot would make perfect chicken!

Neil Ornstein sent me a bunch of old So. Cal photos... here are a couple... memories? Oh yes!

I must still have one of these somewhere!!!

Today is a special birthday.... Robbie Wilkinson is celebrating his 55th. Doesn't seem possible. He was our babysitter when he was 15! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBIE!

Above... Laura Robbie Jerry Brian and Aaron circa 1981(?) ... Rob (LA Co Fire) with his baby girl... and Laura and Rob.

Historically this date....
1948 – Olympic GamesThe Games of the XIV Olympiad – after a hiatus of 12 years caused by World War II, the first Summer Olympics to be held since the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, open in London., 64 years ago. I wonder if Elizabeth was a sourpuss then too. After all she was only 22 years old and must have had a smile back then!

1976 – In New York City, David Berkowitz (aka the "Son of Sam") kills one person and seriously wounds another in the first of a series of attacks.
.... July brings out the nut cases!

1981 – A worldwide television audience of over 700 million people watch the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul's Cathedral in London.

1987 – British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President of France François Mitterrand sign the agreement to build a tunnel under the English Channel (Eurotunnel).

And births this date include.....
1892 – William Powell, American actor (d. 1984)

1924 – Robert Horton, American actor
He was hot on Wagon Train!

1933 – Robert Fuller, American actor
... also hot on Wagon Train! and Emergency~

1938 – Peter Jennings, Canadian-born American journalist (d. 2005)

I went into town yesterday afternoon to mail some letters and pick up a package at the PO. On the way there were two little boys (probably 5 and 6 or 7) at the entry to a cul de sac holding signs saying "Lemonade Stand" and they were jumping up and down. Standing where the yellow circles are... the lemonade stand was on the front porch of the house with the arrow...

Anyway, went to bank and PO and stopped on my way back. The heat had worn the boys out and they were in the shade. I asked how much and was told 50¢ each. I bought two and gave them a $1 tip. They were very excited. I came home, tasted it, thought it needed vodka! and took out the ice, saving for later~! (see... lipstick on one!)

I received a package from my high school pal Del Easton. These are salt and pepper shakers that were her mom's and she gave them to me (being the wino that I am~). 

I LOVE them Del!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo very much!!! So nice of you! ox ♥ ♥

All I know. Happy Tuesday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
July 29th
National Lasagna Day

National Lasagna Day..... We hope you have a big appetite. Sure, it's July. Its hot and humid. Cooking up a pan of Lasagna will make the kitchen a lot hotter. But as it cooks, the smell will waft throughout the house. Your mouth will begin to water. When dinner time arrives, you will have a huge appetite for a huge piece of lasagna. Of this, you can be certain.

Lasagna is a favorite Italian dish. In between multiple layers of lasagna pasta are generous amounts of tomato sauce, cheeses (lots of ricotta!), and sometimes hamburger and/or Italian sausage. Its the favorite Italian dish of millions of Americans. We all would eat it more often, but this culinary work of art, made with loving hands, takes time to make and bake.

It is best to celebrate National Lasagna Day by baking the lasagna that you will eat today. If you don't have the time, or the weather is just too hot, then head out to your favorite Italian restaurant