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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rain ~ Mrs. Brown ~ Honey Baked & Costco ~ The Bohemian

Good 43ยบ raining morning.

Looks like Easter Sunday may be damp..... Easter Egg hunts will have to be indoors!

Playing with the picture of the Amaryllis...



My friend Patty sent this. No children in the area please, when you watch this. HILARIOUS. Mrs. Brown has trouble with a condom!


Historically this date....
1794 – The United States Government establishes a permanent navy and authorizes the building of six frigates., how come you Navy guys don't celebrate this date as the Birthday of the Navy??? Why do you celebrate October 13th? ....
The ```Act to Provide a Naval Armament, also known as the Naval Act of 1794, or simply, the Naval Act, was passed by the United States Congress on March 27, 1794 and established the first naval force of the United States of America, which eventually became the present-day United States Navy.

1886 – Famous Apache warrior, Geronimo, surrenders to the U.S. Army, ending the main phase of the Apache Wars.

1964 – The Good Friday Earthquake, the most powerful earthquake in U.S. history at a magnitude of 9.2 strikes South Central Alaska, killing 125 people and inflicting massive damage to the city of Anchorage.

And births this date include...
1899Gloria Swanson, American actress (d. 1983)
... not unlike Joan Crawford.... drama....

1940 – Austin Pendleton, American actor
No relation. Weird. Never liked him. Odd character! Hate his laugh!

1969 – Pauley Perrette, American actress, photographer, poet, writer

1970 – Mariah Carey, American singer and actress


Yesterday was Medford day. First the Honey Baked Ham store. Will take the ham to Brian's for Easter breakfast.
Then to Costco ... dog treats, artichokes, provolone cheese, Kleenex, grape tomatoes, almost bought a lobster tail!, lemon juice, sugar to make hummingbird "juice", Easter treats, olive oil to infuse, and (darn it Jeannie!) Cashew Clusters!!!!! Addictive!!! Came home and unloaded then met Jeannie and Bill at the Bohemian for wine.

Tyler our favorite bartender was there
And I got to meet Angela, waitress, and really nice gal. She participates in plays (when she's not working and/or raising her 4 boys!) at the Barnstormers up the hill in Grants Pass....

My most favorite place, The Mediterranean, across the street has changed hands and is now an Irish Pub! OMG. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... I want my Greek food back! We had a good time chatting. Came home and wasn't in the mood to cook, so it was movies and my chair!

Today is a cooking day... going to make paella and check my freezer for any seafood ..... will use the Mexican infused rice. Mmmm... sounds good. Have some chorizo and chicken if no seafood.

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Hump Day. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 27th
National Spanish Paella Day

Here are about 25 paella recipes....