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Thursday, September 12, 2013

106º ~ Todd Wilbur ~ Big D ~ Linda ~ Brian Kristen Richie Leo

Good 56º morning. Hit 106º yesterday and then went down to 103º about 3pm.

Laundry yesterday was profitable... found a $5 bill in the washer~!!!

I ordered and received some of Todd Wilbur's rubs for beef, chicken, and fish and a bonus of "Hell Flakes". Todd is a "food hacker" and dissects famous recipes and publishes them.
Go to his site... click on the tab "What's New" and you will find a list of his 'hacked' recipes. His cookbooks are great too!


I cut open the cantaloupe Jeannie gave me. OMG it was soooooooooooooooooo sweet and good! Other half today!!

Yesterday early evening was a surprise "cake and ice cream" party for Dave's big 60...which is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG D!
Chocolate cake with raspberry sauce in-between layers! OH YUM! And Espresso ice cream with chocolate flakes. OINK!

Today is also a special birthday... Linda Rhorbach...

Her boyfriend, Jon Harting (Wilson '64) bought Jerry's John Deere... Linda raises German Shepherds at her home in Apple Valley...



I took a couple boxes of slides to the camera shop where they scanned and copied them to a CD. Here are a few...
Brian on Easter...
Kristen, what a cutie, in her "wild pants" ..
Richie Vargo, Kristen, and Deputy Leo Jaramillo who took them for a ride in his radio car! Leo was a good friend and sadly passed away this year. He and Jerry worked Temple Station.
Kristen, of course, became a Deputy herself for a time, then wanted a job with same vacations/days off as her children so now works for the San Gabriel School Dist. Richie became a Nationwide Insurance Agent up in Vancouver WA.

Historically this date...
1953 – U.S. Representative John Fitzgerald Kennedy marries Jacqueline Lee Bouvier at St. Mary's Church in Newport, Rhode Island.

1959 – Premiere of Bonanza, the first regularly scheduled TV program presented in color.

1983 – A Wells Fargo depot in West Hartford, Connecticut, United States, is robbed of approximately US$7 million by Los Macheteros.

1994Frank Eugene Corder crashes a single-engine Cessna 150 into the White House's south lawn, striking the West wing and killing himself.

2008 – The 2008 Chatsworth train collision in Los Angeles between a Metrolink commuter train and a Union Pacific freight train kills 25 people.

And births this date include...
1818Richard Gatling, American firearms inventor (d. 1903)

1888Maurice Chevalier, French singer and actor (d. 1972)

1940Linda Gray, American actress

1944 – Barry White, American singer (d. 2003)
....Ohhhhhh that voice!
Can't believe it's Thursday already. The Keurig is working great. FAST brew! I have made several cups of tea and coffee. Like it!
All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
September 12th
National Chocolate Milkshake Day

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xo Sue Mom Bobo