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Monday, March 19, 2012

Snowing ~ Pesto the Kitten ~ Black Rice w/ Veggies & Corned Beef

Good 29º everything's frozen morning. Was sunny then raining then snowing then sunny then raining then snowing most of yesterday!

and then about 11:30am it was little flakes of snow coming down!

I went to GP to Staples and when I got out of the car the corn snow dumped! OMG. When I got into the store all the employees were looking out the window!

After Staples I went to Brian and Jen's. After Sami's birthday fairy party last Saturday I was helping clean up the backyard and this kitten came walking along the fence on the neighbor's side. I walked over to it and touched and tried to pet it. Then it came down the fence and came to me and I did pet it a little. So, Brian calls me and says that since "you touched it Mother, it's meowing at our bedroom window. Come get it." Yes, like Harley would permit a kitten in the house! Anyway, Jen is allergic, so it can't stay there. BUT, she did give it some leftover chicken with a touch of pesto on it.... cat ate it up! Now they call her 'Pesto'. Brian (Mr. Tough Guy) put a box on the front porch with a towel in it and Pesto is happy happy happy. Also I noticed a bowl of cat kibbles! I went out and picked her up and she started purring.
What a sweet kitty. The good news is that Sandra, who works for Brian at the State Farm Office, came over later yesterday and took Pesto home to her family! I am SO happy she has a home and I can quit worrying.

Here are too funny videos. The first one is a dog agility test ... that goes wrong. The second is a DUI test.... Scot/Irish humor.

Historically this date...
1918 – The U.S. Congress establishes time zones and approves daylight saving time.

1931Gambling is legalized in Nevada.

1945 – World War II: Adolf Hitler issues his "Nero Decree" ordering all industries, military installations, shops, transportation facilities and communications facilities in Germany to be destroyed.

1987 – Televangelist Jim Bakker resigns as head of the PTL Club due to a brewing sex scandal; he hands over control to Jerry Falwell.
... jailed for fraud and now out, still owes $6 million in back taxes, remarried, and is still taking people's money via being a televangelist! Wake up, people! 

And births this date include...
1848Wyatt Earp, American marshall (d. 1929)


1936Ursula Andress, Swiss actress


1944 – Sirhan Sirhan, Palestinian-born assassin

1947Glenn Close, American actress


1955Bruce Willis, American actor

Check this site... "before they were famous" is a riot!

Dinner incorporated leftovers with something new...

I got this black rice at Costco. Cooked it. Reconstituted some dried mushrooms. Cut up broccoli. Used the leftover cooked carrots from the corned beef dinner... and cut up the smoked corned beef.

Sauteéd the veggies and beef, added the cooked rice, added some Boursin cheese and some cheddar cheese and about a cup of tzatziki (Greek yogurt with cucumber .. you can make or I buy it at Costco*) and stirred it all together. GOOOOOD!!!

*1 cup Greek yogurt
Juice of half a lemon
Half of a cucumber, seeded and minced
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp oregano


All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 19th
National Chocolate Caramel Day