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Friday, January 14, 2011

Elk ~ Dress Up Pets Day

Good 45ยบ morning. Clouds sitting down right on top of us!

Lots of rain yesterday. First thing the heard of elk were out in my pasture. I got a couple of pictures that came out decent. The low light makes it really hard to capture them without the picture coming out blurry...

Maggie is still having the drinking/peeing problem consuming copious amounts of water and needing to go out a lot. Yesterday morning she "leaked" on the bed. A small spot, but all the same....  So I jumped up (since I felt it on my arm...ugh) and let her out. Then I stripped the bed, washed the sheets and mattress cover. Brian said the cleaners next to his office would have my comforter done in one day if I got it there before 10am. These folks at Vogue Cleaners are SO NICE! Anyway, since I had the JCRW luncheon and had to be there early I left here at 9, dropped off the comforter, met Ruth and the girls to set up for the luncheon. Our speaker was former Jackson Co Sheriff, CW Smith, and he is now a County Commissioner ( ). Nice guy. Chatty. You might recall me talking about our Ronald Reagan BBQ last year and he appointed me his Deputy to "arrest" prominent members, bring them to the "jail" and then their bail was auctioned off.  He spoke at length yesterday and we didn't get out of there until 2pm. Too late to go to Costco, needed to get home and let Maggie out!!! Then we headed to Vogue to pick up the comforter. I was tired when I got home and didn't even cook dinner! Snacked. Showered. Went to bed early!

The skies yesterday with the clouds and the sun trying to peek through in a few places was pretty.....

The first photo is on I-5 just out of Central Point heading north. (Actually I-5 goes east and west until it hits Grants Pass, then it goes north and south again.) the second one is coming up to Rogue River.
Today is lunch with Candy at Tap Rock. Their crab BLT salad is my favorite and apparently her's too! We shall enjoy.
Historically this date....

1943 – World War II: Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes the first President of the United States to travel via airplane while in office when he travels from Miami, Florida to Morocco to meet with Winston Churchill.
1973Elvis Presley's concert Aloha from Hawaii is broadcast live via satellite, and sets a record as the most watched broadcast by an individual entertainer in television history.
And births this date include....
1741Benedict Arnold, American/British general (d. 1801)

1906William Bendix, American actor (d. 1964)

"The Life of Riley" TV show....

1919 – Andy Rooney, American journalist

1924Guy Williams, American actor (d. 2002)

1926 – Tom Tryon, American actor (d. 1991)

1943 – Shannon Lucid, American astronaut

1944Marjoe Gortner, American evangelist
   ... When I worked for UPS I delivered a package to him. He opened the door and we both had the same hairdo! I had a perm and was a curly top! He was soooooooooooo weird. Said I shouldn't have driven up his driveway. Wanted me to park down at the road (a good distance) and walk up. Ha!

1968LL Cool J, American rapper and actor
(Nice hat!)
Ok, all I know. Nuff said. Happy Friday to all you working stiffs!!!
xo Mom/Soupy/Sue
January 14th
National Dress Up Your Pet Day