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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fog-Ice-Clouds-Sun ~ Pasta on Vegetables ~ Gross Chef ~ Late Night Show Hosts - Banana Bread Recipes

Good 29º icy foggy morning. Whoop......

PICTURE of the day........... Awwwww.....sweet doggie!
Yesterday it went from this at 11am  .....

to this at 4pm....

Earlier I ran 5 miles. (LOL, did you read yesterday's blog?) Golf cart for me, run for Dude... took trash to can near road and then fixed PJ's answer machine and fed their fish.

Dinner was chicken pasta parmesan (with white meat chicken, spiral noodles, peppers, and tomatoes, in a cheesy sauce) on top of steamed broccoli/pea pods/carrots/mushrooms/kale .....GOOD! Very filling!!!  

So, after dinner I was watching Entertainment Tonight... they had Wolfgang Puck on, who makes all the food for the Governor's Ball after the Oscars.
He was putting together some salmon and caviar... spooning the caviar on the salmon and pushing it off with his finger. Then he LICKED HIS FINGER! OMG. How gross. 

On top of that... he's been in the US for how many years and still can't pronounce 'vegetables' ... he says "ved-jaaa-taaa-bulls". Come on.

Historically this date....
1861 – President-elect Abraham Lincoln arrives secretly in Washington, D.C., after the thwarting of an alleged assassination plot in Baltimore, Maryland.

1896 – The Tootsie Roll is invented.

1903 – Cuba leases Guantánamo Bay to the United States "in perpetuity".

1942 – World War IIJapanese submarines fire artillery shells at the Californiacoastline near Santa Barbara.

1974 – The Symbionese Liberation Army demands $4 million more to release kidnap victim Patty Hearst.

1991 – Gulf War: Ground troops cross the Saudi Arabian border and enter Iraq, thus beginning the ground phase of the war.

And births this date include...
1940 – Peter Fonda, American actor

Read the section on his "politics" ... interesting!

1951 – Patricia Richardson, American actress

1965 – Michael Dell, American computer manufacturer

1994 – Dakota Fanning, American actress

I am at the point that I will be happy when the Olympics are over. None of my favorite programs have been on since they started. Boo hoo...... AND, I an NOT a fan of Jimmy Fallon.
Such a turn off. Nobody can replace Johnny Carson!  

I miss Jay Leno.  
Conan O'Brian was sucky and only lasted a few months. 
Jimmy Kimmel is weird.
So is Craig Ferguson. 
The longer he's on the weirder he gets! And when he pounds on the camera it soooooooooo irritates me. 

And Letterman is just an A** !  
He thinks his white socks are cool. Idiot!!!   So, no late night shows for me. JMHO.

So, guess you could say this was a
   morning!!! LOL. And you know what, if you don't agree with me..... BITE ME!

All I know. Happy Sunday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 23rd.
Banana Bread Day (Drooling......)

(Had a banana nut muffin for breakfast! YUMMMM)