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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Avalon WWII ~ The Bruise ~ LE/Fire ~ Bell Peppers ~ Cordon Bleu

Good 51ยบ cloudy morning with predictions of rain, thunder, and lightening today. Swell.

Got the following from George Bachmeier.... interesting about Avalon on Catalina Island during WWII......

Yesterday as I was going out to the car and heading to the law enforcement/fire luncheon I saw the Bruise on Maggie's bed! He looked so comfy. I took a picture through the door, as I figured he's move when I came out the door...

Nope, I came out and he just lay there, content. Maggie on the other hand had that look like, "Mom....... ????"

The luncheon was good. Only two of us from LASD showed. Dale and me. LAPD filled 3 tables for 8. Still #1 in the County, Dale and I had our own table! I had a patty melt and onion rings. Ate half, the other half was for dinner!

I took a picture of Dale and I and it came out lousy! Dale of course looked handsome but I looked awful!!!

An old friend of Jerry's from the Temple Station days is Dave Berke. Jerry nicknamed EVERYONE and Dave didn't escape. His nickname was pronounced like Buick . "Burrr-ick" .. and then it evolved to "2 and a quarter"... after the 1970 Buick Electra 225. So...... at the lunch yesterday was a gal, Carolyn Henderson, who worked the radio room and Dave was her supervisor (Sgt). She comes to the luncheons with "Old Walter" former LAPD, as she is his driver. He's 90. She had talked to Dave recently and gave me his email. I can't wait to hear from him!!

Historically this date....
1147 – First historical record of Moscow.

1581Francis Drake is knighted for completing a circumnavigation of the world.

1818 – The United States Congress adopts the flag of the United States with 13 red and white stripes and one star for each state (then 20).

1850 – Los Angeles, California is incorporated as a city.

1964The Beatles occupy the top five positions on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart.

1968 – Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated by James Earl Ray at a motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

1975Microsoft is founded as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico

1991 – Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania and six others are killed when a helicopter collides with their plane over an elementary school in Merion, Pennsylvania.

And births this date include....
1895Arthur Murray, American dance teacher (d. 1991)

1932 – Anthony Perkins, American actor (d. 1992)
.... Died from AIDS, but was married to Berry, a female, who died in one of the 9-11 plane crashes. He had two children.

1942Jim Fregosi, American baseball player and manager
1944 – Craig T. Nelson, American actor
1950Christine Lahti, American actress

1965Robert Downey, Jr., American actor
Dude............comb thy locks!

I sent the following to Edda, as she said she had an abodanza of bell peppers...

And here is her quote: "Sue, so glad you sent those links yesterday. The one for simple roasted peppers really worked.....just peppers roasted at 450 peel, seed and pull into strips, lotsa fresh minced garlic, a bit of EVO and sea salt...great for embellishing many things...Yummy. :) "

See what else you could do with bell peppers...
The "how to" bake and/or fry is here at this link:

These have 'popped up' in my garden...

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Thursday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
April 4th
National Cordon Bleu Day