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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Internet ~ Turkeys ~ Hawk ~ RAIN ~ Goodwill

Good 44 º heavily raining morning.
After 3pm now... Scratch that... 60º and the sun keeps peeking through...
Trouble with the internet this morning. Can't get any sites to open. May not get to this blog until way later.... I have a JCRW luncheon meeting today. My pal Nancy going with me. We'll see if I get this off before we leave.
Ok, back home and internet seems to be working. Yeah! I took Nancy and PatT with me to the luncheon. We had a great lunch... Ruth, again was
in rare form. Laughter is good!
The turkeys were still 'hanging around' when I got home...
I was wrong about the amount of rain this morning...
The "floater" in the measuring tube was stuck at the bottom and it looked like 1/4"... LOL, after I shook it before I left here it showed
1½" ! Big difference. More in tune with all the rain I heard!
It was a pretty day, on and off yesterday....
Yesterday Shiloh showed up here again. Poor baby, she's starved for love. Her "mother" showed up an hour and a half later..... and told me, "Lock her up in a shed and she won't want to come back." ! Sigh.... I sat on the porch with her a couple of times and all she wanted was to be scratched and loved. She tried to get as close to me as she could. Such a love!
We also had a visit from the hawk....
He/she sits near the bird feeders. When there is
not one bird around I know the hawk is! This is a
The hawk wasn't afraid of me when I went out onto the porch to take a picture .... that's when he turned his head to look at me.
I worked on the stuff to take to Goodwill and got it all in my car.
 That included sheets and towels,purses and shoes too.  
$30 shoes, rarely worn...  
Black ones, 
 $60 and named "Black Sue" LOL, worn a couple of times....
Ha ha ha... and look at these (worn once!)  
The lady at Goodwill said, "Sure, we'll take them!" OMG, who would want brocade peach heels????
 And these never worn! 
Sperry Top Sider rain boots...
None of my old shoes will fit anymore. I had heard that your nose and ears keep growing the rest of your life, but your feet???? 
Anyway, dumped all at Goodwill and then Maggie and I went to Patty and Cliff's......... She got an external hard drive and I put all her documents and pictures on it in case her computer takes a dump. I learned the hard way about saving stuff on the external drive. Fortunately for me, Turk is a computer genius and saved most of my docs and pictures! So, now Patty's is saved. Also adjusted their computer's screen resolution so site pages weren't so big and that made Cliff happy.
Historically this date...
1831 – The French Foreign Legion is established by King Louis-Philippe to support his war in Algeria.
1876Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful telephone call by saying "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you."
1933 – An earthquake in Long Beach, California kills 115 people and causes an estimated $40 million dollars in damage.
1945 – The U.S. Army Air Force firebombs Tokyo, and the resulting firestorm kills more than 100,000 people, mostly civilians.
1977Rings of Uranus: Astronomers discover rings around Uranus.
  Do you have rings around your anus? Hmmmm.....
And births this date include....
1888Barry Fitzgerald, Irish actor (d. 1961)
1928 – James Earl Ray, American assassin (d. 1998)
1940Chuck Norris, American actor, martial artist and actor
1940 – Dean Torrence, American singer (Jan and Dean)
1957Osama bin Laden, Islamist and leader of al-Qaeda
1958 – Sharon Stone, American actress
She looks like
she's been partying
with Charlie Sheen!
1983 – Carrie Underwood, American country singer
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Thursday.
xo Mom-Soupy-Sue
National Noodle Month
Mmmm.... tuna noodle casserole!