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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Old People ~ Redneck Drunk ~ Bacon Veggie Pasta

Good 45ยบ, clear as a bell, 80% humidity morning!
Ok, let's start the day with a story about old people. (us? lol) Thanks PatT, for this...
A group of seniors were sitting around talking about their ailments.
"My arms have gotten so weak I can hardly lift this cup of coffee", said one. "Yes, I know," said another. "My cataracts are so bad I can't see my coffee."
"I couldn't even mark and "X" at election time, my hands are so crippled", volunteered a third.
"What? Speak up! What? I can't hear you."
"I can't turn my head because of arthritis in my neck", said a fourth to which several nodded weakly in agreement.
"My blood pressure pills make me so dizzy", exclaimed another.
"I forget where I am, and where I'm going", said another.
"I guess that's the price we pay for getting old", winced and old man as he slowly shook his head. The others nodded in agreement.
"Well, count your Blessings", said a woman cheerfully ... "Thank God we can all still drive".
And since that made you smile you HAVE to watch this:
A patient gentle dog and a little boy. Awesome. I grinned for a long time after watching this. Just so sweet. And then..... you will have Barry Manilow's song, 'Can't Smile Without You' in your head all day! LOL
(it says, Quitters Never Win & Winners Never Quit.
But Those Who Never Win AND Never Quit are IDIOTS)
Oh boy, Mr. Gore (oh how that name fits you!) and your "Globalwarmingmyass"! (Thanks to PJ for adding a new word to our environmental vocabulary.)

Environment ‘Bulls**t!’: Al Gore Comes ‘Unhinged’ During Climate Change Speech

It hasn’t been a good couple weeks for climate change proponents. And that seems to be getting under Al Gore’s skin.
On July 28, it was revealed that the scientist behind the polar-bears-are-in-trouble research is being investigated for “scientific misconduct” regarding the article oft-sited by climate change leaders. Then, a new study of NASA data revealed that the earth is actually allowing more heat to escape the planet than previously thought by the climate change community.
So maybe that’s why Al Gore decided to unleash on climate change skeptics last week during a speech at the Aspen Institute in Colorado. The Colorado Independent notes that Gore launched into a vulgar tirade while accusing skeptics of media manipulation:

The model of media manipulation used then, Gore said, “was transported whole cloth into the climate debate. And some of the exact same people — I can go down a list of their names — are involved in this. And so what do they do? They pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: ‘This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanoes.’ Bullshit! ‘It may be sun spots.’ Bullshit! ‘It’s not getting warmer.’ Bullshit!” Gore exclaimed.
 Tut tut tut Albert Arnold Gore.... 
If you haven't seen this "beer train" you have to watch..
 total redneck drunken idiot! Thanks Gracie!! Miss you girl.
Historically this date....
1936Summer Olympic Games: Games of the XI OlympiadJesse Owens wins his fourth gold medal at the games becoming the first American to win four medals in one Olympiad.
1944 – The United States Forest Service and the Wartime Advertising Council release posters featuring Smokey Bear for the first time.
1965 – A fire at a Titan missile base near Searcy, Arkansas kills 53 construction workers.
1969 – Members of a cult led by Charles Manson brutally murder pregnant actress Sharon Tate (wife of Roman Polanski), coffee heiress Abigail Folger, Polish actor Wojciech Frykowski, men's hairstylist Jay Sebring and recent high-school graduate Steven Parent.
1974 – As a direct result of the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon becomes the first President of the United States to resign from office. His Vice President, Gerald Ford, becomes president.
1988Wayne Gretzky is traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings in one of the most controversial player transactions in ice hockey history, upsetting many Canadians so much that some considered him a "traitor" to his home country.
And births this date include....
1944Sam Elliott, American actor  
Sorry, the long hair is just  .... yuck.
1957Melanie Griffith, American actress
Poor thing... ya think the alcohol and drug abuse has taken a toll on her body?????
Shoot, my knees look better than hers, and I'm 12 years older!
Before she made A Stranger Among Us, playing a "hardened" detective who goes under the covers, she came to the Sheriff's Range for some info on handling guns. In the film she was supposed to carry a Desert Eagle.
This gun is HUGE. It weighs over 4 pounds and is 10" in length (6" barrel) .. so for someone like Melanie, (super skinny) it would be like carrying a sawed-off shotgun in a holster! Anyway ............... she was told to "dress down" because the range is next to a jail facility and there are inmates (trustees) walking around. She dressed down all right. Black shirt, black pants, no makeup, and a baseball cap pulled down over her head. Jerry said he had no idea who she was! In the end she carried a Beretta 92F in the film, which is 2" shorter.
1963Whitney Houston, American singer and actress
Pathetic. Another one who abused drugs.
1964 – Hoda Kotb, American television news anchor
 I like her. She's funny.
So, did houseworky stuff all day .. vacuuming, laundry, etc.  Then took Maggs to the vet's...
I left her there and went to the market, pharmacy, post office, bank. Maggs had her nails clipped and the lump on her neck checked and measured. Came home and was thankful to Mr. Willis Haviland Carrier for having invented air conditioning! Dinner was pasta....

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
August 9th
 National Rice Pudding Day