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Monday, February 3, 2014

Game Day Food ~ Brian & Jen's ~ Game Comments ~ Favorite Commercials ~ Dee ~ Carrot Cake

Good 27┬║ scattered clouds morning.

Yesterday was nice and warmed up quite a bit. I fussed in the kitchen for a few hours. Made deviled eggs, a layered dip with a football field top, and taquitos. The deviled eggs are plain (Best Foods mayo, salt, pepper) and topped with bacon salt. 

I mixed taco seasoning with the meat as well as garlic powder, salt and pepper. Heat the tortillas in the microwave in batches on a towel and then keep them wrapped in the towel as you proceed... lay some meat on the edge and roll up.
I fry them in peanut oil, drain on paper towels, and keep them in the crockpot on warm....

The whole time I was in the kitchen (about 4 hours total) this crazy cat of mine, Bruiser, kept and eye on me..... from the top of the table..... 

The dip was two cans of Trader Joe's refried beans with jalape├▒os. Next a jar of your favorite salsa, then a container of sour cream, and topped with a grated cheese blend...

Next I used about 8 avocados and mashed them with some guacamole in a jar, Bob's Seasoning Salt, and pepper.... smooth on top of the cheese ....

Put some sour cream into a piping bag (or zip bag and cut a tiny bit off one corner) and make the lines (mine were squiggly). And as you can see, the goal posts were the taquitos.

Jen was busy cooking when I got over to their house. Brian had, besides the regular giant TV in the living room, two other TVs at each end. Neat, when you are looking at someone in one direction or the other, you can still see what is going on with the game. Also a TV in the kitchen, one on the patio by the pergola, and a projection screen on the lawn. The only place there was not a TV was the bathroom!!

Jen's mom Jean made her spinach roll-ups and a big green salad with cauliflower. Good. Jen made meatballs (yummy!) and she had a cheese queso dip, chips, rolls and meat and cheese, crackers, many types of drinks including wine and beer, soda and fruit juice she made for the kids.

A variety of their friends showed up, several missed because of sick kids or spouses. There was a local policeman/detective, Archie, and his wife and daughter, Dr. Steve and his daughter and son, the paint salesman, Phil, and his wife, Stephanie, and 4 month old baby daughter Lilliana (such fun. she was a DOLL!). A local Edward Jones investment guy, Shad, and his daughter, Dan and Jessica and their son and daughter ... Dan works for Field's Home Improvement and Jessica is a nurse. Always nice to chat with. Not as many as expected, but fun! Thanks Jen and Brian for a great time! All the kids kept busy, the girls putting on costumes and girly stuff Sami had and parading through the living room.... and the boys kept busy playing games on the TV in the "yellow room". 

As for the game... First of all, Joe Namath and the coin toss.... where in the world did he get that coat? Or better still, WHO told him he looked good in it????? GAWD awful!!! 
THEN, he throws the coin too soon and neither team said which they preferred, heads or tails! Geeeeze Louise!!!!

    Then the game......
sooooo disappointing with the screw up at the beginning that gave the SeaChickens 2 points and it all went downhill from there. Broncos were just not with it. Got boring with such a huge point spread. Lots of controversy in NJ re Chris Christy and him being heckled and also the transit problems after the game. So much easier to watch on TV from 3000 miles away!

Only three commercials were interesting/fun to most of us.. the Doritos two with the cowboy riding the dog and the time machine. That was hilarious! 

At the very end of the game they showed my favorite... the puppy and the Clydesdale horse...

The half time with "Bruno Mars" ....
ICK. At least there were no "wardrobe malfunctions" ... LOL

The National Anthem sung by an opera star Renee Fleming didn't do it for me either. She still had to change the song to fit her 'operaness'

If you want to read historical events for this date and famous birthdays, go to my blog from a year ago for that...

We understand that Dee is doing great and will be coming home maybe tomorrow after she is put on solid food and it works ok and the IV is taken out. Her doctor is pleased. We are too! Love you girlfriend. Feel better QUICK! xo

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Monday. Statistically since yesterday was the Super Bowl, thousands and thousands will not go to work today. Business owners must be so proud of their employees who hold up their end of the working ethic bargain! Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 3rd
National Carrot Cake Day