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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jerry Wayne Maxwell 12-2-40 - 2-12-07

Today is the 6th anniversary of Jerry's passing. Time means nothing. I miss him every single day as if this was the first day. I did have a great fun dream about him the other night.
                              RIP my Darling! ♥

Funny thing how numbers were always a part of our life ..... his birth on 12-2 and death on 2-12. Another weird thing, he died at 2:20! My birthday on the 2nd also, his dad and my Kristen born on Halloween. His mom and my Brian born on Valentine's Day. His son Aaron born on Tax Day and so was my grandson Jack. Granddaughter Sami born on the 2nd and grandson Tucker born on th 20th.


Jerry on his military mule with Maggie and Spanky
                              Mr. Harley ... and Jack!
 1987 with Bob St.Clair, Jerry, Don Johnston, Dennis Howell, Ed Bennett (he passed away a month before Jerry in a motorcycle collision with a train.) All worked at Temple together.
 I was working myself to the front of the line!  
Brush-hogging the pastures on his 1940 Ford 9N...
He loved his cigars!
He used to buy them from Rau Cigars on Beverly and Vermont in LA. Hand rolled. Cuban tobacco. Every time he'd take a cigar band off the cigar he'd ask me if I liked music. Of course I said, "yes"... and he'd say "Good, then here's a whole band" while slipping the cigar band on my finger.
... and he loved his Maggie! Mutual.  

Not long after Jerry died I made the mistake of saying something about "your Daddy" which Maggie knew as Jerry.... she wagged her tail, wanted outside, and she sat on the porch and spent the whole day looking towards the gate waiting for her 'Daddy' to come home. I sat inside and cried!
My Darling...
With baby Jack and Alex.... 
...and with baby Tucker...
and this is the picture I love the most....
      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥