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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just stuff and Harley Dude......


Good 27º clear and sunny frozen morning.


Yesterday was long and hard. Crying mostly. Trying to dig the grave for Harley. Thank goodness the ground was soft from all the rains we have had. I worked on the grave a little at a time and finally my back went south. I went down to my neighbors Cindy and Frank. Their son, Jason, was there and he came up and helped dig the rest for me. Here is the last photo I took of my boy on Friday...
I laid Harley to rest, but before that I unwrapped him and there was a tear on his eye. I wiped it off and kissed him one last time.

On Friday I had taken Harley to the vet's. I knew he was failing fast, feeble, hard time balancing on all four feet, had been throwing up a couple days in a row and the doc said his kidneys were starting to fail. I felt it was best to have him put to sleep so he wouldn't be in any pain or discomfort anymore. Hated to have to do it. He's been a buddy for so long. He was even a buddy to our other cat, Blazer. Blazer couldn't catch a bird or a mouse if his life depended on it. He telegraphed his every move. His fav thing to do was lay on his back on the sidewalk in Temple City and hope someone would come along and rub his tummy. So, Harley arrived on scene and decided to help Blazer out by occasionally catching a bird and giving it to him. He had a good heart. Harley quit hunting after we moved here, as I wanted him to be an indoor cat and not be eaten himself by coyotes or cougars. When I brought him home on Friday I let Maggie and Bruiser sniff him so they would understand. Bruiser did! He got up on my lap in my chair Friday night while I watched TV. This was Harley's spot. No matter who was in my chair (Dave when he babysat and Cliff not too long ago) Harley would get in their lap.

Historically this date....
1801 – An electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr is resolved when Jefferson is elected President of the United States and Burr Vice President by the United States House of Representatives.

.....yeah! I'll drink to that.

1965Project Ranger: The Ranger 8 probe launches on its mission to photograph the Mare Tranquillitatis region of the Moon in preparation for the manned Apollo missions. Mare Tranquillitatis or the "Sea of Tranquility" would become the site chosen for the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

1974Robert K. Preston, a disgruntled U.S. Army private, buzzes the White House in a stolen helicopter.
Interesting read if you don't remember this. Click on his name. (link)

And births this date include...
1925 – Hal Holbrook, American actor

1939 – Mary Ann Mobley, American actress and beauty queen

1945Zina Bethune, American actress and dancer (d. 2012)
....sad the way she died.


1954Rene Russo, American actress

1956Richard Karn, American actor


1962 – Lou Diamond Phillips, American actor

1963 – Larry the Cable Guy, American comedian and actor
A funny but a very philanthropic man.


1971 – Denise Richards, American actress

1981 – Paris Hilton, American actress, singer, and heiress

All I know. Nuff said. Ciao. Cooking on blog tomorrow.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 17th
National Café au lait Day
In Europe, "café au lait" stems from the same continental tradition as "caffè latte" in Italy, "café con leche" in Spain, "kawa biała" ("white coffee") in Poland, "Milchkaffee" in Germany, "koffie verkeerd" in Netherlands, and "café com leite" in Portugal, simply "coffee with milk". In northern Europe, café au lait is the name most often used in coffee shops. At home, it can be prepared from dark coffee and heated milk; in cafés, it has been prepared on espresso machines from espresso and steamed milk ever since these machines became available in the 1940s.

In many American coffeehouses, a café au lait is simply made with strong drip brewed or French pressed coffee substituted for espresso, though a French roast or similarly dark coffee may be the base of the beverage.