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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rain? ~ Tebow ~ Cheesy Skillet ~ Dog Cat Dog ~ Clock

Good 53ยบ looks like rain morning.

I am happy to see Tim Tebow will be on my Patriots team now.
There's been too much bad press about this good and yes, religious, guy. He does a lot for others, especially orphans. His foundation:
Took a ride to the mailbox and took a few pictures on the way back... I photo merged them... lol the first one has two of Dude in it! He was running around the pasture and got in both shots.
This is looking up my road from the gate... only one of Dude in this one!
Since yesterday was National Iced Tea Day I made some sun tea... Mmmmmmm good!
Yesterday I made a "package" dinner. It was a Kraft Cheesy Skillet. The package contains orzo pasta, cheese, dried broccoli, and seasonings. First I cooked 1 pound of cut up chicken thighs, added water and the seasonings and orzo. I also added in some dried basil and dried red onion. I cut up tomatoes and had some par-boiled with garlic baby carrots. In they went and the cheese. I served it on a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce. REALLY GOOD!!!!

I will make this again. I cook by the seat of my pantry/ if I had more choices I would have added in probably artichoke hearts, fresh broccoli, chopped celery, leeks, bell pepper (red and/or green) and/or  any number of other things. This is a great base. Of course you could use cut up beef or turkey or sausage instead of the chicken. I like it on the lettuce as it's more filling and less calories this way. But with a salad on the side it would be just as good.
Sat and watched TV with my 3 pals......
You can go back in the archives (on the left) for historical stuff and birthdays. None of it blew my hair back.
Aaron, landscape gardener, was here and repaired my watering system in the garden. He'll be back to renovate the garden on the 24th. Can't wait for that. Also for new stepping stones in the front.
Picture of the day.... baby ocelot and white lion...
My dear friends Greg and Becky Lundell (Wilson '63) sent me the cutest clock yesterday. It had belonged to Becky's sister who passed away and Becky thought it would be great in my eclectic kitchen. So kind of them. (Love you guys!)
All I know. Nuff said. Thinking of Brian's big old happy dog Atlas. He's not doing well and I love that sweet doggie!
xo Sue Mom Bobo
June 11th.
National German Chocolate Cake Day
Ok, make it this way...

Make according to package directions and when all blended add the can of frosting to the cake mix. Pour into Bundt pan and bake. Dust with powdered sugar. You will LOVE it this way. Not gooey but soooooooooooooooooo yummy!