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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Smoke & Fires ~ Bob & Marie ~ Yoda Butt ~ Mary Poppins

Good 59º smokey morning. 

The fire near Ashland is the problem. Also there is a fire, Salt Creek Fire, burning 100+ acres 10 miles NE of Wimer. Wimer is about 5 miles north of me. Ashland fire:


Today is a special anniversary... Bob and Marie Vincent...married 1963. CONGRATULATIONS kids!
(Yesterday was Marie's birthday!)

Today is also my favorite football player's birthday.. Tom Brady. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!
Tommy and Peyton Manning of the Broncos.... 

Speaking of birthdays... yesterday my birthday boy, Bruiser, thoroughly enjoyed "his day" with two servings of tuna! Oinker. I, on the other hand, had more excitement than I could stand.... paying bills, sorting paperwork, and vacuuming. Zowie~! 

Historically this date....
8 – Roman Empire general Tiberius defeats Dalmatians on the river Bathinus.
   Funny... I always thought those Dalmations were fire dogs, not fighters!

1783 – Mount Asama erupts in Japan, killing 35,000 people.
1923 – Calvin Coolidge is sworn in as the 30th President of the United States in the early morning following the death of Warren G. Harding the previous day.
1934 – Adolf Hitler becomes the supreme leader of Germany by joining the offices of President andChancellor into Führer.
1936 – Jesse Owens wins the 100 meter dash, defeating Ralph Metcalfe, at the Berlin Olympics.
1958 – The nuclear submarine USS Nautilus travels beneath the Arctic ice cap.
  OMG, claustrophobia comes to mind.
2004 – The pedestal of the Statue of Liberty reopens after being closed since the September 11 attacks.
2005 – President of Mauritania Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya is overthrown in a military coup while attending the funeral of King Fahd in Saudi Arabia.
2007 – Former Deputy Director of the Chilean secret police Raúl Iturriaga is captured after having been on the run following a conviction for kidnapping.
2010 – Widespread rioting erupts in KarachiPakistan, after the assassination of a local politician, leaving at least 85 dead and at least 17 billion Pakistani rupees(US$200 million) in damage.

And births this date include...... 
1905 – Dolores del Río, Mexican actress (d. 1983)

1921 – Marilyn Maxwell, American actress (d. 1972)

 (No relation. Darn)

1926 – Tony Bennett, American singer

1951 – Jay North, American actor

I posted this photo of a Corgi pup with a heart on it's butt yesterday and my friend Ann, who has a new Corgi pup, sent me the next photo of her "Yoda butt" !!! OMG. 

Last night I watched Mary Poppins. There are so many things in that movie I had forgotten about.
Of course Julie Andrews can sing like nobody's business and Dick Van Dyke was just AWESOME with his dancing and singing and that Cockney accent!!! Lots of fun. 

If anyone wants to borrow the DVD you are welcome to!
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
August 3rd
National Watermelon Day

This big fruit deserves it's own big day. So, we give pause to celebrate watermelons on National Watermelon Day. Sweet and tasty, watermelons, are one of summer's favorite fruit. It's standard fare at picnics. While watermelon is over 90% water, it sure tastes good. And, what picnic would be complete without a seed spitting contest?
Research was unable to establish this day as a true national day (which requires an act of congress). Also not uncovered is the origin of this day. I suspect it originated by an agricultural organization, or perhaps a wild and crazy watermelon fan.
Please don't limit your consumption of watermelon to just this month. Stores carry watermelon twelve months of the year.

Get the seedless watermelon, cut it up, put in blender or food processor and process until all liquid. Strain out solids and add vodka! Vodka martini! YUMMMMMM.....