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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Rain ~ More Sauce ~ Tacos and Martinis

Good 49ยบ cloudy morning.
Rain started in the early morning yesterday (1:30am) and continued all day. Still getting some drizzle about 8pm last night. Total rain received was 1/4". 
Was cold enough for a fire in the wood stove. Nice. Cozy!

A site with amazing videos... Go to page 4 and watch "Bronson's Miracle"... what a wonderful story...

Yesterday I cooked down the last of the red tomatoes. Had 9 pounds.... then put them through the strainer, added garlic, onions, celery, spices, lots of fresh basil, and some Alfredo sauce....

Later Jeannie and I went to Jean's house and took her a birthday cake and flowers. We sang Happy Birthday and made her blow out the candles! Tucker and Sami enjoyed that.


Dang... got Jean with her eyes closed and the candles already out!


Then... a glass of wine with Billy and Jeannie... a Milk Bone for Chaka ... and them home to finish up the canning of the sauce. As for Monday Night Football ... looks like the Colts are going to the cellar and stay there as long as Peyton can't play!

Historically this date...
1883 – First run of the Orient Express.

1963Hurricane Flora, kills 6,000 in Cuba and Haiti.

1965 – Becoming the first Pope to ever visit the United States of America and the Western hemisphere, Pope Paul VI arrives in New York.

1988U.S. televangelist Jim Bakker is indicted for fraud.

1997 – The second largest cash robbery in U.S. history occurs at the Charlotte, North Carolina office of Loomis, Fargo and Company. An FBI investigation eventually results in 24 convictions and the recovery of approximately 95% of the $17.3 million in cash which had been taken.

And births this date include....


1861 – Frederic Remington, American painter (d. 1909)


1895Buster Keaton, American comedian (d. 1966)

1923Charlton Heston, American actor (d. 2008)

1946 – Susan Sarandon, American actress and activist


And.... celebrating today (in Chicago with daughter and sil) is Becky Lundell, pretty wife of Wilsonite Greg Lundell. Happy Birthday Becky!!!!

Ok, this from Tally Huntoon.... very fun!
All I know. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
October 4th
(Oh be still my heart...)
National Taco Day


Oh how I wish I was in LA, because I'd be
getting tacos at 3rd and Ford ... King Taco....
MMMmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm !
AND National Vodka Day