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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bruiser ~ Wild Weather ~ Quinoa/Rice Shrimp ~ Jim&Dawn ~ Italian Time ~ Eggs Benny

Good 36ยบ cloudy (again) morning.

Such a tragedy in Boston. Scary. Lots of horrible horrible injuries. Prayers to those who lost loved ones and prayers for the injured. Watch this slideshow if you can....

I have to tell you, Bruiser is one nutty cat and he makes me laugh every single day! Yesterday I was out feeding the geese and he jumped up in the tree. No camera, natch. He went from one skinny branch to another going higher and higher. I said I was coming in the house and he just looked at me. Fine. I heated up the bathroom and was ready to shower, when he was standing at the door. He came in, came into the bathroom. I said ok, you can stay if you want, but left the door ajar. He laid down on the bathmat and just stayed while I showered. Nut. Now he's laying on my desk, hampering my tea drinking and keyboard use.......

I went to my yearly cardiology check up yesterday in Medford. On the way there the sky was amazing... such wild and threatening cloud formations...dark and then sun and blue sky behind them...
Table Rock:

Then there was this trooper doin' the work of the Lord.....
So.... I come out of the doctor's office and apparently just missed quite a hail storm...

One direction it was dark and foreboding, the other sky... and of course....

it looked like I was lucky to miss this mess.....
Came home, made dinner..... Quinoa with Sprouted Rice, shrimp, basil, leeks, garlic, green chiles, tomatoes, hot sauce...

I cooked the Quinoa/Rice, chiles, herbs, seasonings in the rice cooker. Then stirred in the shrimp and tomato to let it warm. Drizzled hot sauce over all... OMGOOD!!!!!!

Watched TV, chatted on the phone with girlfriends, chatted fact time with Jack on my iPad ...our 14 year old birthday boy. Sooooo cute! Dude came in with Maggie and both laid on the carpet and napped. Dude was good! He did do some sniffing ... but was calm and happy.

On this date in 1983, friends Jim and Dawn Forbus were married. Wow, 30 years guys! CONGRATULATIONS!
Dawn, you are as beautiful as ever!

Jim was an LASD Deputy and then moved to Washoe County and was a Deputy there until he retired. Now he's enjoying his granddaughter, Audrey, and being Papa!

I had seen this before Deewayne PBerger sent this to me, but decided for those of you who hadn't seen it.... you need to! Love those Italians!!!!

Historically this date...
1881 – In Dodge City, Kansas, Bat Masterson fights his last gun battle.

1941 – Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians throws the only Opening Day no-hitter in the history of Major League Baseball, beating the Chicago White Sox 1-0.

1990 – The "Doctor of Death", Jack Kevorkian, participates in his first assisted suicide.

And births this date include...
1924 – Henry Mancini, American composer (d. 1994)


1935 – Bobby Vinton, American singer

1949 – Ann Romney, American horse rider, wife of Mitt Romney
..............I sure wish she was our First Lady... not that piece of ghetto work that is there now. You know, the "fashionista"!!! LOL

1952Bill Belichick, American football coach sure don't see that man smile ever!

1965 – Jon Cryer, American actor

All I know. Lunch with girlfriends today. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
April 16th
Eggs Benedict Day