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Monday, March 28, 2011

~ Snood ~ Weed Appreciation? ~

Good 32ยบ morning. Cloudy out there, but I actually saw the moon!! First time in a long while! Then the scape changes every few minutes this morning...
What a crazy weather day yesterday was. Sun, howling wind, pouring rain, and sun again!
From 7am to 4pm we got just over a quarter of an inch.
Patty had talked to her friend at the coast in Gold Beach
and they have received 30" of rain this month!!! OMG
The summit was clear but no traffic up there.
Down in the Golden State the road had sunshine!
The turkeys were out in force yesterday. Even in the pouring rain..
 When the sun came out most of them disappeared... A few Toms hung out...
'Does your snood hang low? Can you swing it to and fro? Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie it in a bow? Can you throw it over your shoulder like a Yankee Doodle soldier? Does your snood hang low?' LOL
Historically this date....
1930Constantinople and Angora change their names to Istanbul and Ankara.
1979 – Operators of Three Mile Island's Unit 2 nuclear reactor outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania fail to recognize that a relief valve in the primary coolant system has stuck open following an unexpected shutdown. As a result, enough coolant drains out of the system to allow the core to overheat and partially melt down.
And births this date include...
1899 – August Anheuser Busch, Jr., American brewer and baseball executive (d. 1989)
1905Marlin Perkins, American zoologist and television host (d. 1986)
1948Dianne Wiest, American actress
1955 – Reba McEntire, American singer and actress
1970Vince Vaughn, American actor
1975Kate Gosselin, American TV personality
1986 – Lady Gaga, American singer-songwriter and dancer
(Way for the better!!!)
1942- Sandy's mom and dad, Bill and Lee, were married. Sadly both have passed away. RIP
2003 - Olga and Jimmy's youngest son Aidan celebrates his special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDAN!
Aidan is the cute "Thing" on the right!
XO Mom-Soupy-Sue
March 28th
"Weed" Appreciation Day come on..... who appreciates weeds?
Oh wait, the chemical companies that make
weed killer! Or.... do they mean the other kind of
 Oh wait..... again...
they could mean the town of Weed....
Happy Monday!