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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Turkeys in the Grapes Again ~ Mr. James Van Praagh

Good 44º cloudy, very cloudy, morning. 100% rain predicted for tomorrow. Natch. The painter is supposed to paint the under side of the back patio. Won't happen.

The turkeys like to get into the grapevines and sit on top and eat the grapes....

Linda and I had scrambled egg with bacon wraps for breakfast... and like traditional Greek meals, we also had tomatoes. Then we headed to Grants Pass to see Brian and Jen's house. Got the "Cook's Tour". Linda impressed with B's wide screen high def TV. Now she wants one!
Back home ... and Linda enjoyed sitting on the porch reading. It hit 78º. Pretty clear day.
We have a ferrel cat, I'm sure he/she lives in the barn through a board that came loose... For the sake of it all I'm going to call the cat "Kitty" and refer to it as "she". I saw her wayyyyyyyy down behind the tractor shed and managed to get a picture before she was off on the 'hunt'.
She is good size and has white boots. I have seen her in the upper pasture going after some critter (ground squirrel, mouse, mole, ??) and Cindy has seen her 'hunting' down by her house.

Then back to GP to The Mediterranean for dinner.
Bill and Jeannie joined us. They had never been there before. Jeannie tasted some wines and Bill had a pomegranate habañero martini!
Then for dinner Jeannie had the Margarita Pizza (awesome), Bill had the rock fish with rice (which he loved), Linda had the Greek Stuffed Chicken (moans of pleasure) and I had the Moussaka with potato cakes (HEAVEN!)...

....oh, and I had a Lavender Martini!
Linda and I walked over to the Rogue Theater, got a glass of wine, found our seats. I cannot even begin to write about the experience last night. Mr. Van Praagh was his usual (my 3rd time to see his show) awesome self and funny as all get out. But, he connected with me and Jerry at the very end of the show. This will take a whole other blog. I am still very very emotional. Linda is too.
Stand by for some interesting dialog. Wow. We are both still blown away!

Historically this date...
Fleet Week:

1945 – Parade in NYC for Fleet Admiral Nimitz and 13 USN/USMC Medal of Honor recipients

1992 – A 13 kilogram (est.) fragment of the Peekskill meteorite lands in the driveway of the Knapp residence in Peekskill, New York, destroying the family's 1980 Chevrolet Malibu

And births this date include....
1940 – John Lennon, British musician and songwriter (The Beatles) (d. 1980)

1952Sharon Osbourne, English music manager and wife of Ozzy Osbourne

1953Tony Shalhoub, American actor

1954Scott Bakula, American actor

1975Sean Lennon, American musician

1981Zachery Ty Bryan, American actor
<with wife

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue-Mom-Bobo
National Dessert Month