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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Modem Down ~ Roast Veggies/Poached Egg ~ Speeding In A School Zone ~ The Bruise Naps

Good afternoon. Very dark and cloudy. 42ยบ. Some rain has come down, not much.The pressure is dropping rapidly.

Got a picture from dear old friend, Terry Polly aka 'Da Pully' former mechanic at Temple Station... he now lives in Idaho. So far yesterday they had 6" of the white stuff....

We may get some here too.

Yesterday afternoon my modem took a dive again and this time it did not come back on.

I had an appointment with my ENT in the afternoon. Then it was a trip to Costco. I forgot several things and remembered them on my way home. DANG! Dropped off the items Patty and Cliff wanted and sat, had a cocktail, and visited for a bit. Nice. Dropped PJ's request off, home and still no modem. Grrrrrrr........

Call into phone company guy, Bob, at 8am this morning. He said he was swamped today and couldn't stop by until tomorrow morning. Said it would take 2 days for a modem to get here so I decided, at Brian's urging, to go to Staples and get a modem/router and hook it up. Got one, stopped at market, and home. Tried to hook it up, but wasn't working. Called Brian, he was busy with clients, and called back with suggestions. Just then Bob called and said he was on his way up the road from me and would stop and help. Such a GREAT guy! He was here and now gone and everything working wonderfully well. YEAH.

Brian, via phone, helped me set the password in my iPad. OMG, his mother can be sooooooo dumb at times! He's a love and puts up with me. ♥

Breakfast was heated up roasted veggies with poached eggs.

On my way into town to get the modem, in front of our high school (where idiots NEVER go the speed limit of 20mph) here was a Deputy doing the 'work of the Lord' ... citing a speeder! YES!!!

Life is so exciting around here he even had backup for a citation! LOL

If an individual is charged with a traffic violation that occurred in a posted school zone is subject to the provisions of ORS 811.235 (Fine for traffic offenses in school zones)

(a) $870 for a Class A violation.

(b) $520 for a Class B violation.

(c) $320 for a Class C violation.

(d) $220 for a Class D violation.

Rock on!


Historically this date....
1857 – The Fort Tejon earthquake strikes California, registering an estimated magnitude of 7.9.

1858Anson Jones, the last President of the Republic of Texas, commits suicide.

2007 – Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils the first iPhone.

And births this date include....
1913Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States

(d. 1994)

1915Fernando Lamas, Argentine actor (d. 1982)
"Ew rook mahvelous, daaaling"

1925 – Lee Van Cleef, American actor (d. 1989)

1934Bart Starr, American football player

1941Joan Baez, American singer and activist

1951 – Crystal Gayle, American singer

Bruiser was in the house and I went to see where he was.... sleeping like a big comfy baby on my bed! He's such a love!

Another Wilson alum, who is at least 37+ years y
ounger than I am, sent me this on FB.... does this look like Bruiser or what??? Thank you, Mary Garcia Quedada!!!!


All I know. Glad to have my computer back! Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
January 9th
National Apricot Day