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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Good  36ยบ cloudy gloomy foggy pressure dropping morning.

This is going to be a blog of mostly opinions.... mostly mine. What a shock.

Ok, for a rerun of that great tear jerking Budweiser commercial from the Super Bowl....

And for the ladies who missed or want to re-see the Calvin Kline commercial ..... didn't score high, but .....

Click here: Calvin Klein Concept 2013 Commercial -- Debuted During the Super Bowl - YouTube

The AmeriTrade baby is usually great, but lousy this time. Then there was that stupid sickening pistachio commercial ....
If you want a score on the ads, best to worst, go here:

 Re yesterday's blog and the food, I was asked "what is

It's "accoutrements" plural of ac·cou·tre·ment (Noun)

Noun 1. Additional items of dress or equipment, carried or worn by a person or used for a particular activity.

2. A soldier's outfit other than weapons and garments.

Synonyms ... outfit - equipment

In other words ... my way of saying "additions" to the dish..... maybe if I were French I would pronounce it that way.


And speaking of the Super Bowl... I didn't say yesterday, but the "entertainment" sucked. Only exception was the Sandy Hook school children and their song, America the Beautiful.

The half time show was awful. Beyonce was as if she was entertaining in a strip club! For Heaven's sake, the audiance is made up of more than drunken lustful men, there were women watching, young teens, grandmothers, and even small children! Between her and Janet Jackson with her "wardrobe malfunction" (BUULL SH*T!!) this "entertainment" has turned into some sexual act! Not only is this country being taken into the toilet by those running Washington, the entertainment industry is pressing the 'flush' handle! Go back a year... Madonna was joined by M.I.A., Nicki Minaj (YUCK), LMFAO (not an act anymore!) at the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show, a performance made memorable mostly by M.I.A.'s decision to flip her middle finger at the camera -- and the 100 million-plus crowd that was watching at home, while she appeared to sing, "I don't give a (bad word)", although it was hard to see clearly . More trash!

Alicia Keys sounded like she was in a 'slow down', as Lydia put it, "jazz-infusing" mode. She added in her own words at the end... She sounded like she was singing in a 'piano bar'! She sang so slow she will go down in history as taking the longest to sing the Anthem! Awful. To me it just ruins the song when it is not sung in the proper patriotic inspiring way!


2012 Kelly Clarkson added in her own notes and sounded pathetic....

2011 trash Christina Aguilara sang the National Anthem and flubbed up the words on top of making it her own tune with her annoying falsetto on and on and up and down notes.

2010 Carrie Underwood... a cappella... not bad ... not my fav.

2009 Jennifer Hudson sounded like she was singing a bluesy tempo ... but she was lip-singing! Come on..........

2007 Billy Joel ..... ewwwwww......... he said, "gleemin' and streemin' " he should have been wearing a kilt! Pathetic.

2006 Aretha Franklin & Aaron Neville ... gag. Oh wait.... DOUBLE GAG!!!  Geeeeeze Louise!

In 2002 Mariah Carey was accompanied by the Boston Pops. The Pops were GREAT, Mariah just about whispered the whole song! Not patriotic AT ALL!

As Lydia remembered Faith Hill was good singing in the 2000 Super Bowl. I liked her too, but still her own notes... But, better than Whitney.

Come on! Get someone who can sing and not make it their personal statement!

I agree with Trish and Lydia that Whitney Houston was really good, 1991 Super Bowl, but still not my cup of umph.
(maybe it was the drugs she took!)

Now, one of my all time favorites was at the 2005 Super Bowl when the Star Spangled Banner was sung by the combined military choirs....

This one makes me feel patriotic and my heart swell and that little tear appear in the corner of my eyes. (BTW,  a game between the Patriots and Eagles, Pats wone 24-21 and whenever he's at the game, my Tommy Brady is singing along with the National Anthem! Go Tommy!)

Here is a list of all the performers of all the Super Bowls...

Then of course we have the ABSOLUTE WORST rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, performed (and that term is used loosly) by that pig slob Rosanne Barr at a Paderes game 20 years ago, at which after the last grusome note she grabs her crotch and spits! Talk about 'trash'!!!


Funny, the UPS guy showed up yesterday, a new guy, and I was still in my pjs. I apologized and he laughed. We talked about the game and he said he had a great party and his 'team won'. I laughed and congratulated him and said, "You are the only person I know who was rooting for them!"

All right. That's all. I need sun. I need a housekeeper, a dishwasher, and a yard dude! Oh, and someone to bring in logs for the fire. See, I don't want much.

Happy Tuesday. Nuff said. Ciao.
 xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 5th
National Chocolate Fondue Day