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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Summit View ~ Cheetah Up Close ~ One Pot Again ~ Violin Day

Good 36º low clouds morning. Raining in So. Cal. Yeah for you guys! More predicted for here by tomorrow and a mix is snow possible. Snowed on our Siskiyou Summit yesterday...

and going through the different cameras saw this happening at Hilt at the moment.... not good!

My friend Charlean Allen (ret LASD) sent this video of a cheetah joining a safari.. OMG!

Then I found this on youtube about the same cheetah and some narration....

Dinner last night was another "clean out the fridge one pot meal" .... broccoli slaw, chopped tomatoes, chopped carrots, chopped bacon (pre-cooked,chopped,Costco!), cubed turkey ..

Heat veggies and bacon in olive oil, heat noodles and add. Add package of seasoning from the noodles and a cup of water and some of the whipped cream cheese.... add cubed turkey and heat well, stirring....


Mmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm!

This is funny... Gar Austin said he finally, to the thrill of his wife, got his Christmas Tree up.....
He said he loves the smell of pine!

This from my friend Trish about the jalapeño popper spread... "The jalapeno poppers spread turned out to be delicious but oh so rich! You can't eat too much at a time but we gave it our best shot. It was a big hit with the family! Thanks Sue!"

Today is the birthday of Steve and Barbara Voors daughter, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Allison!!!

Historically this date...
1977 – A DC-3 aircraft chartered from the Indianapolis-based National Jet crashes near Evansville Regional Airport, killing 29, including the University of Evansville basketball team, support staff and boosters of the team.

2000 – The "Texas 7" escape from the John Connally Unit near Kenedy, Texas and go on a robbery spree, during which police officer Aubrey Hawkins is shot and killed.

2003 – Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is captured near his home town of Tikrit (see Operation Red Dawn).

And births this date include....

1925Dick Van Dyke, American actor and comedian

1989Taylor Swift, American singer
... the first picture I like, the second with the dark eyeliner and the red lipstick not so much...

All I know. JCRW luncheon today. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
December 13th
Violin Day

The violin is an incredibly versatile musical instrument, allowing for music of great passion and incredible delicacy. Violin Day salutes violinists, and encourages you to listen to music featuring violins. If you’re feeling particularly brave, why not try to learn to play? I tried, way back in grammar school and was horrible at it. My Scottish grandmother though, was very good.