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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

~ In-N-Out spread ~ Geese ~ Arnold & Maria ~ Shrimp ~

Good 29ยบ clear as a bell morning. Burrrrr..... again.
Yesterday I was puttering upstairs and found a box of "stuff"... including police patches, LASD helmet stickers, a 12x14 photograph of Sheriff Block, LASD belt buckles, and some old old pictures of me and my family. Also in the box was a Valentine I made for my folks in 1954 "To the ones I dearly love!" , a receipt for my birth certificate made on 12-7-45, with the notation that $1 was included. And I found a note Kristen had written to me with a picture of a stick woman ... "To you Mommy    I Love You Mommy!   From Kristen". Awwwwwww....   Needless to say I never got past that one box.
The pest control guy came and inspected. They will inject termite killer into the barn walls and take care of Mr. Gopher in the back.
Then, hungry at noon-ish, I cut up a hard-boiled egg and added a "to go" package of In-N-Out spread. Perfect. Then curious about the spread that goes on my favorite hamburger, I experimented. If you are from California or have visited and eaten an In-N-Out burger, then you know why they are my favorite.
I opened the fridge and didn't have any catsup. Sigh. PJ and Dave weren't home so I went over to Frank and Cindy's. Yeah, she gave me enough catsup to experiment. Also, their grandson Evan was there. He will be a year old in September. What a doll baby! Smiley boy, and with his cowboy hat on.... precious! Of course this was the one time I didn't have my camera! Ratz. Next time, Evan!
Spread formula: 2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon of ketchup, and 2 teaspoons sweet pickle relish. I also decided to add a tiny pinch of sugar and tiny pinch of sea salt to round out the flavors.
Perfect! Grilled a couple of hot dogs (since no hamburger was thawed out), laid some slices of American cheese in the whole wheat buns, and topped the dogs with the spread. OMG, good!
I heard my geese flying over, honking all the way.... so went out with some corn and they came right over....

This was a shock: 

Schwarzenegger and Shriver Separate

Former California governor issues stunning announcement that he and his wife of 25 years are separating.And Maria's already moved out
"The Bush antiterrorism protocols -- tribunals, renditions, preventative detentions, Predator assassination missions, Guantanamo Bay -- were decried as illegal and immoral. Such furor vanished, however, when President Obama embraced or expanded them all. " Historian...Victor Davis Hanson
No kidding. Now it's all BO can say..."Look at me. Look what I did. Ain't I spechel!"
Historically this date....
1872Victoria Woodhull becomes the first woman nominated for President of the United States.
   Good grief, all because of a tax on imported vegetables...
1908Mother's Day is observed for the first time in the United States, in Grafton, West Virginia.
1924J. Edgar Hoover is appointed the Director of the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation, and remains so until his death in 1972.
1954Bill Haley & His Comets release "Rock Around the Clock", the first rock and roll record to reach number one on the Billboard charts.
1960 – The nuclear submarine USS Triton completes Operation Sandblast, the first underwater circumnavigation of the earth.
2002 – F.B.I. agent Robert Hanssen is given a life sentence without the possibility of parole for selling United States secrets to Moscow for $1.4 million in cash and diamonds.
2005 – A hand grenade thrown by Vladimir Arutinian lands about 65 feet (20 metres) from U.S. President George W. Bush while he is giving a speech to a crowd in Tbilisi, Georgia, but it malfunctions and does not detonate.
And births this date include....
1899Fred Astaire, American dancer and actor (d. 1987)
1936 – Gary Owens, American actor and announcer
1946Donovan, Scottish musician
(Look, he's playing his 'air guitar'!)
1957Sid Vicious, English bassist (The Sex Pistols) (d. 1979)
A total loser when it came to drugs, and his mother as well. She was responsible for buying the drugs he OD'd on.
1960Bono, Irish singer (U2)
1963Lisa Nowak, American astronaut
   A crazy loony bin who attempted to kidnap an Air Force Capt who was romantically involved with a fellow astronaut she was interested in. Sigh.
.... and today is my niece, Nancy's anniversary. Married to Dan since 1990. Happy Anniversary kids!
Nancy was a cute little Brownie Scout!
.... and today is also my nephew, Jim's birthday.
Happy Birthday Jimmy! Are you really over 50??? Geeeeze..... When you were born it was Mother's Day. Your mom was sooooo jazzed! Imagine, having a baby on Mother's Day!!
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Tuesday. Ciao.
xo Mom-Soupy-Sue
May 10th
National Shrimp Day