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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Open Range ~ Guilty Dog ~ Tom & Del ~ Neurosurgeon Visit

Good 58º morning. Supposed to hit 106º today!! YIKES!! UGH. House will be closed up soon and AC on and all ceiling fans.

I love this....someone with humor...

Ok, this original video came from my friend Mike Cipolla, my pal Joan PC's cousin. Never met Mike but will one day soon and have martinis with his wife Nan!

I'm sure you have seen the video of the Guiltiest Dog in the World.... I'm telling you it makes me laugh and laugh.

Then... Denver was interviewed on GMA. Good one! :

As with last year there are events that occur that I refuse to whose birthday it is today. If I say big-eared, arrogant, self-loving, inexperienced, cocky, deceitful, shifty, boastful, liar, tiresome, scary, and irritating you would know. Right?

Today is a very special anniversary.... Tom & Adelle (Easton...Wilson W'63) Graves celebrating anniversary 47! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS!

.... with their Barkley~!

Historically this date....
All sorts of stuff happened. Wars, death and destruction, violence, and voter's wishes overturned.

Births this date include....
1901Louis Armstrong, American jazz trumpeter and singer (d. 1971)

1944Richard Belzer, American actor and comedian

1955 – Billy Bob Thornton, American actor and writer
... weirdo

1962Roger Clemens, American baseball player

....................taaaaa daaaaa: DUDE! (from Ike!)

Trip to the neurosurgeon yesterday was interesting. My new doctor is David Walker. He has extensive credentials:
I will see him the end of the month after I have more x-rays taken and stay on a regimen of ibuprofen daily. Something to do, he thinks, with the sacroiliac joint that is causing me pain, as the fusion of L4 &L5 looks fine with nothing loose. We'll see...

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
August 4th
National Lasagna Day (not fair....)

Here are recipes for pasta-less lasagna: