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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris ~ Fawn Rescue ~ Hollywood Before & After #1 ~ Annalee ~ Dinner Experiment ~ American Teddy Bear

Good 43º cloudy storm moving in morning. By tonight we are supposed to get lots of wind and rain with snow at the higher elevations.
Stayed cold (warmed to 49º) and cloudy and gloomy all day.
Sunset at 4:30:

The attacks in Paris yesterday are beyond horrible. Syrians and ISIS ..... May those people find peace and may those killed RIP.

And I worry about friends who are traveling right now, Steve in Bulgaria and Miss Bonnie and Bill in South Africa.
Breakfast yesterday... banana slices topped with peanut butter, banana nut muffins, cottage cheese & tomato.

Here is a 50 second video of a man rescuing a tiny fawn and reuniting it with it's mother... OMGOSH, soooo cute!!!!
Here are some before and after plastic surgery photos of some of Hollyweird's famous...
Barry Manilow:


Demi Moore:

Dolly Parton:

Why?????? They were all good looking prior!!

Today is a special birthday, my high school friend, Annalee (Carlin) Fortini.

 (Her picture was in the center of the annual and wouldn't flatten out!) Anne was my maid-of-honor way back in 1965 (married George Pendleton) and I was in her wedding in 1968. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNALEE! 
She and Led have a design business in San Louis Obispo  Anne does interiors and their son Ryan does landscaping design and Led makes wine! And they are also part owners in a winery now in that area.
Anne and her husband Led:

Historically this date..
1770 – James Bruce discovers what he believes to be the source of the Nile

2007 – The last direct-current electrical distribution system in the United States is shut down in New York City by Con Edison.

And births this date include...
1840 – Claude Monet, French painter (d. 1926)
My sister Marion's favorite painter and one of mine too!

1904 – Dick Powell, American actor (d. 1963)
1912 – Barbara Hutton, American socialite (d. 1979)
Inherited Woolworth millions.
7 husbands! And one was Cary Grant! Lots of money and not a happy person.
1919 – Veronica Lake, American actress (d. 1973)
1921 – Brian Keith, American actor (d. 1997)

1927 – McLean Stevenson, American actor (d. 1996)
1933 – Fred Haise, American astronaut
1962 – Laura San Giacomo, American actress
In Quigley Down Under with Tom Selleck (1990)

1972 – Josh Duhamel, American actor

Yesterday's cocktail at news hour was mango rum on the rocks. YUMMMM...

Dinner... mostly an experiment. I bought a pre-cooked meatloaf. Mainly because I love meatloaf sandwiches and NOT in the mood to make one. Anyway, heated it. Then experimented with Grands biscuits, splitting them, adding ricotta cheese and parmesan. Then I cooked them in the waffle iron.

I topped some fresh spinach with a mixture of re-hydrated veggies mixed with olive oil and seasonings. It was a OMGOOD dinner, except the rolls didn't come out as I liked. Will work on that. Today will be slices of meatloaf on bread with mayonnaise and a ton of iceberg lettuce!
Later it was chair, wine, TV (3 Blue Bloods episodes) and more Paris news. Too sad.

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
November 14th
National AmericanTeddy Bear Day

The Story of the Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear
A replica of the original Teddy Bear.
Did you know that the Teddy Bear was invented in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt? It all began when Theodore Roosevelt was on a bear hunting trip near Onward, Mississippi on November 14, 1902. He had been invited by Mississippi Governor Andrew H. Longino, and unlike other hunters in the group, had not located a single bear.
Roosevelt's assistants, led by Holt Collier, a born slave and former Confederate cavalryman, cornered and tied a black bear to a willow tree. They summoned Roosevelt and suggested that he shoot it. Viewing this as extremely unsportsmanlike, Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear. The news of this event spread quickly through newspaper articles across the country. The articles recounted the story of the president who refused to shoot a bear. However, it was not just any president, it was Theodore Roosevelt the big game hunter!
Clifford Berryman's 1902 cartoon that lampooned T.R.'s bear hunt
A political cartoonist by the name of Clifford Berryman read the article and decided to lightheartedly lampoon the president's refusal to shoot the bear. Berryman's cartoon appeared in the Washington Post on November 16, 1902. A Brooklyn candy shop owner by the name of Morris Michtom saw the cartoon and had an idea. He and his wife Rose were also makers of stuffed animals, and Michtom decided to create a stuffed toy bear and dedicate it to the president who refused to shoot a bear. He called it 'Teddy's Bear'.
After receiving Roosevelt's permission to use his name, Michtom mass produced the toy bears which were so popular that he soon founded the Ideal Toy Company. To this day the Teddy Bear has worldwide popularity and its origin can be traced back to Theodore's fateful hunting trip in 1902.
Here's mine.....