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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fire up the Ark! ~ Jerry ~ Georgia Sue ~ Mole vs Vole ~ Rice & Potstickers ~ The Bruise & Harley Meet

Good 43º cloudy morning. It POURED all night again. From yesterday late afternoon til now we got 2½" !!!! My creek is overflowing it's banks and the walk way to the barn is under water!

Looks like the majority of the storm is heading east...

The moon is out this morning! Yeah.

The creek behind the house has increased a lot (picture 2) since yesterday (picture 1)..


Today would have been my Jerry's birthday. My heart is heavy.

JWM 12-2-1940 ~ 2-12-2007

I miss you Dew, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A shot of José Cuervo Gold in your honor later today!

Today is also my cyber friend Georgia Sue's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GS!!! Wish I could be there to give you a hug.

Georgia is a great lover and rescuer of dogs. This is her Poppy girl she got from the shelter.

***RETRACTION*** The following from a friend in WA...."That critter that Bruiser caught is a VOLE. not a MOLE. To identify a MOLE look at their from feet. Mole front feet are large with splayed fingers. They also have a funny nose which actually looks a lot like the front feet. NOTE: Star Nose Mole). The nose and feet on a MOLE are very bright pink in color."

Thanks Patrick. This is a mole...

and this is a vole....

The meal for the day is Uncle Ben's Mexican Infused rice and pot stickers. Mmmmmm....... I boiled the pot stickers and then sauteéd them in a little oil. (I tried putting them in the waffle iron, but a failure) Made a sauce with Tabasco Spicy Soy Sauce and BF mayonnaise. Yummmmmmmmmy!!!

Ingredients: Long grain parboiled rice; hydrolyzed soy/wheat protein; salt; sugar; vegetables* (tomato, garlic); yeast extract; maltodextrin; spices; natural and artificial flavors with extractives of paprika; citric acid; butter* (milk); corn syrup solids; beet juice (color); corn; niacin; ferric orthophosphate; thiamine mononitrate; folic acid.*dried.

Serving Size 1/2 cup cooked
Calories 10

Historically this date..
1927 – Following 19 years of Ford Model T production, the Ford Motor Company unveils the Ford Model A as its new automobile

1980 – Four U.S. nuns and churchwomen, Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, Jean Donovan, and Dorothy Kazel, are murdered by a death squad in El Salvador.

And births this date include..
1914 – Ray Walston, American actor (d. 2001)

1924Alexander Haig, American Soldier & Civil servant, 7th Supreme Allied Commander Europe, 5th White House Chief of Staff and 59th United States Secretary of State (d. 2010)

1981 – Britney Spears, American singer, dancer and entertainer

1983 – Aaron Rodgers, American football player
.... does good for Green Bay and made a funny State Farm commercial....

In regards to the Chocolate Mousse the other day, my friend Erika said she had a "Chocolate Moose"...>

This is hanging on the wall in her house! Another friend, Trish, said a friend of hers has one too. Cute!

Yesterday Bruiser came in, Harley was napping on the chair under the dining table so Bruiser made himself comfy there too... (Harley is where the arrow is....)

Then Harley woke up and The Bruise watched him, nonchalantly walk by....
Bruiser wants to be "friends" so badly, but Harley is not committed to any new friendships!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
Apparently my email got hacked and a video was sent out under Siouxmax. I have changed my passwords. AOL told me there had been some 'unusual activity' on that email address. Hope that stops it. Sorry.
December 2nd
National Fritters Day
Mmmmmmmmmm..... corn fritters with maple syrup!
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