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Sunday, November 2, 2014

US Marine Home ~ Sunday Football ~ Stupid Hollyweird ~ Gator's Ride

Good 45ยบ very cloudy morning. Got some rain on and off all day yesterday. About 1/8 of an inch. This was noon:

I am so happy to read this...

Sunday Football...   gonna be some nail biters!!!

Last night was watching a cop show and this bad guy pulls out a semi-auto hand gun, holding it down by his leg, the camera angle is from behind him... and you can plainly see there is no magazine in the gun! LOL! ... Then he fires shots! WTF? Good old Hollyweird!
Historically this date....
1898 – Cheerleading is started at the University of Minnesota with Johnny Campbell leading the crowd in cheering on the football team.
 .............thought all of you former cheerleaders would be interested in this. 

1947 – In California, designer Howard Hughes performs the maiden (and only) flight of the Spruce Goose or H-4 The Hercules; the largest fixed-wing aircraft ever built.

1983 – U.S. President Ronald Reagan signs a bill creating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

1984 – Capital punishmentVelma Barfield becomes the first woman executed in theUnited States since 1962.

1988 – The Morris worm, the first internet-distributed computer worm to gain significant mainstream media attention, is launched from MIT.

And births this date include...
1755 – Marie Antoinette, Queen of France (d. 1793)

1913 – Burt Lancaster, American actor (d. 1994)

1936 – Rose Bird, American judge (d. 1999)

1942 – Stefanie Powers, American actress

She has lung cancer....

1966 – David Schwimmer, American actor
Received an email from Gator (USN ret), our email friend in Florida... he got a new ride. Mercedes. NICE Gator!!! Life's too short not to enjoy a great ride~~

Yesterday I got my ballot filled out and will put in the drop box on Monday. Then we wait ..... Nail biting time!!
I am liking this time change... now it's light at 6:30am instead of 7:30am. Better.
Dinner... The Tangy Turkey Loaf I made and posted on October 18th. (archives on left) OMG it's soooooo good.
Since yesterday was "Cook For Your Dog Day" I cooked boneless skinless chicken thighs in organic chicken broth in the crockpot for Dude. His morning meal usually consists of some kibble and 3T of Shed Relief, some of the cooked chicken stock and a shredded thigh with a turkey hot dog cut up on top.
All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
November 2nd
National Deviled Egg Day

I like adding pesto or bacon bits and finely diced tomato...