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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LEAVES! ~ Turkeys ~ Joke of the Year ~ The Bruise ~ Cheap Meat ~ Cheesy Skillet

Good 29ยบ morning. Rain predicted but never showed. Now to be "partly cloudy" all week until Saturday when rain is predicted again. Hopefully not on Thursday!
Yesterday afternoon just after 3pm...


10-29 ... vehicle registration and wants (summary info)
10-29F ... SUBJECT WANTED FOR FELONY. Use caution, advise when in custody and you are ready for information.

10-29FD ... SUBJECT WANTED FOR FELONY, CONSIDERED ARMED & DANGEROUS. Use extreme caution, advise when in custody & ready for information.
10-29H ... CONFIDENTIAL INFO RE YOUR SUBJECT. Move subject out of hearing range and advise when ready.
10-29V ... PROPERTY REPORTED STOLEN. Do you have subjects? Advise when ready.


Yesterday Dude and I went to the road to bring in the trash can... and then I filled it up again~ and it's only MONDAY!! While there I was amazed at the amount of leaves that had dropped...
....then back to the house and all these leaves....
then up on the hill were a bunch of turkeys resting under the trees....

This is interesting about generic drugs and the rip off pharmacies are perpetrating upon us... Thanks Gator for the head's up....

Also............ Gator sent the following:


Two women were sitting

quietly together,

minding their

own business.

While I was sitting at my desk in the morning, MR. NUT CAT Bruiser was crawling all over the TV stand... then he went down back behind it and came out under the chair!


Historically this date...
1792Mount Hood (Oregon) is named after the British naval officer Alexander Arthur Hood by Lt. William E. Broughton who spotted the mountain near the mouth of the Willamette River.

1929 – The New York Stock Exchange crashes in what will be called the Crash of '29 or "Black Tuesday", ending the Great Bull Market of the 1920s and beginning the Great Depression.

1964 – A collection of irreplaceable gems, including the 565 carat (113 g) Star of India, is stolen by a group of thieves (among them is "Murph the surf") from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
Click on Murph the surf and read an interesting story.

1994Francisco Martin Duran fires over two dozen shots at the White House (Duran is later convicted of trying to kill US President Bill Clinton).

1998 – Space Shuttle Discovery blasts off on STS-95 with 77-year old John Glenn on board, making him the oldest person to go into space.

2008Delta Air Lines merges with Northwest Airlines, creating the world's largest airline and reducing the number of US legacy carriers to 5.

And births this date include....
1947Richard Dreyfuss, American actor
1948Kate Jackson, American actress
1971Winona Ryder, American actress
Thought this hilarious!
Dinner last night...
I cut up a couple of large boneless/skinless chicken thighs, cooked them in olive oil, added in the orzo, seasoning packet, the packet of 'dried broccoli flakes', some REAL broccoli, and 2 1/2 cups of water and let it simmer until most liquid gone. Then added in the Velveeta cheese sauce.

Don't waste your money. Mediocre at best. It's cheap and easy (!) but I'd use other than orzo (radiatore, small shells, spirals, penne, macaroni, or....) and make my own cheese sauce! Fresh vegetables a MUST!

All I know. Happy Tuesday. Septic people coming today.. got a leak! JOY! Wonder what that's gonna cost! Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
October 29th
Hermit Day is today. It's a quiet day to spend quietly in seclusion, all by yourself.
For some people, being a recluse is a way of life. They spend everyday by themselves, in peaceful seclusion. For whatever reason, Hermits prefer living away from the crowds and the sea of humanity. For many of us who lead an increasingly busy lifestyle, the idea of being a "Hermit for a Day" is very tempting. The thought of getting away from it all, even if for just one day, is very appealing. If you are a Hermit, celebrate your lifestyle today. If you're one of the many, who yearn for a break from your hectic lifestyle, be a Hermit on this day. Chill out by yourself where no one can find you. Spend this day in a secluded area or environment. May we suggest you do so with a good reading book. We hope that no one interrupts your the calm and serenity. Have a happy, secluded, quiet, and peaceful Hermit Day.
..................and it's National Oatmeal Day