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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Broken pipe status

Mike the plumber was here. He did a "temporary" fix under the porch where the pipe broke. The well pump is running but lack of water going through pipes has them frozen so none coming to the house yet. Has warmed from 1 degree to 25 degrees. Mike will come back (he has 6 other calls) when it warms up (probably next week) and fix the broken pipe. Until then I have 3 gallon jugs of water and a 5 gallon .... we're good. Just no shower~! Watching football. Fixed popcorn to enjoy, with butter and cheese, left the room and when I came back Dude had eaten all the popcorn! Sigh.....


Snow ~ Bruiser ~ Dude ~ Turkey Testicle Festival ~ Football

Good 3┬║morning. Don't know what is going on, but there was a loud noise and now no water. Sounds like a pipe broke. A loud bang mabe under the porch.... Gosh, I have no idea what to do. I kept the water dripping all night.....

P.S. @ 7am it's now 1┬║ !!!!
This much of my blog was written yesterday so publishing now. Holding tight re the water. Nervous.
OMG, this is hilarious... sent by Deewayne Honneee P-berger
The Turkey Testicle Festival.... The funny part is that this is where my pal, Greg Lundell and his wife Becky just moved! Huntley Illinois!!!! Get over to the pub Greg before they run out! I actually shuttered watching these people eat the turkey balls! GAG!
 Ok, football Sunday...
Jeannie I see your 9ers are playing Bill's Sea Chickens! Good luck.

My granddaughter Alex posted this on her FB page... watch if you dare! I jumped almost off the chair!!!!

xo Sue Mom Bobo
December 8th.
National Chocolate Brownie Day